Today I want to share with you my top 5 supplies to watercolour rubber stamped cards.

Watercolouring is probably my all-time favourite technique to colour rubber stamped images? Why?

When I pull out my inks and paint in lovely stamped images, the time just flies by. I get lost in creating gorgeous blends of colours. Really, I just become an artist which is so satisfying!

And whether the masterpiece showcases smaller watercoloured elements like on today’s card, or gorgeous one-of-a-kind backgrounds, you’ve granted yourself a little break from your everyday stressors.

And who doesn’t need that?

Top 5 Supplies To Watercolour Rubber Stamped Cards
Top 5 Supplies To Watercolour Rubber Stamped Cards

I knew when I first saw the Christmas Gleaming stamps, I would end up watercolouring the holly leaves and berries. With bold Old Olive and Merry Merlot, they immediately say Christmas for me.

To add this technique to your own card making toolkit, there are really only a few supplies you need.

Top 5 Supplies To Watercolour Rubber Stamped Cards

Fluid 100 Watercolor Paper
Jet Black Stāzon Ink Pad
Water Painters
Old Olive Classic Stampin' Ink Refill
Stampin' Spritzer

Watercolour Paper

You absolutely need a good paper to have great watercolour results. Usually cream or white, light will reflect off it to give that luminescent look we all love.

It also needs to have a certain percentage of cotton intertwined in the fibers so it’s sturdy enough to withstand water. This can also give it a bit of a heavier and bumpier surface so you have to be careful when stamping to make sure you leave a good impression. (probably if I had a number 6 on my list, it would be the Stamparatus which gives perfect placement!)

Our Fluid 100 paper is ideal. You will love the results you can achieve.

Top 5 Supplies To Watercolour Rubber Stamped Cards
Holiday Watercolour Wishes with the Brightly Gleaming Stamps

StazOn Black Ink

You need a waterproof solid, dark black stamp pad to give a crisp image on your watercolour paper. StazOn is perfect as it won’t run or blur when water is added. It also stamps a nice bold line of colour.

Water Painters

A good brush is essential to great watercolour results. And while you can always opt for a cream-of-he-crop sable haired paint brush, it’s a bit pricey if you’re just starting out.

Stampin’ Up!’s Water Painters give three relatively inexpensive options and deliver great paint coverage with three sizes of tips. Two tips are pointed to get into small spaces you will find in some rubber stamped images. Then there’s one broad tip for laying washes or painting a strong line of colour.

Ink Refills

If colour coordination is important for you (and it sure is for me!), you’ll want to match your watercoloured images to Stampin’ Up!’s paper colours. That means you’re going to want to reach for your ink refills to watercolour.

In my card, the leaves are a mix of Old Olive (found in the Brightly Gleaming background patterned paper) and darker Mossy Meadow. The berries are Merry Merlot, the exact stamp I used for the Merry Christmas greeting.

Top 5 Supplies To Watercolour Rubber Stamped Cards
Watercolour Paper is Key When Adding Inks

Stampin’ Spritzer

While I didn’t use the spritzer on this card, I often do to create gorgeous backgrounds like you see on this one.

It allows you to quickly and creatively create a coloured based for your stamping or die cutting. And what’s great about it is you never get the exact same results twice!

Now It’s Your Turn!

So there you have it, the five items I think are essential to add watercoloured stamped images into your designs. See what you have in your supplies now and if you need to add anything, a simple click below will get it delivered right to your doorstep in about a week.

Thanks so much for choosing to shop with me!

Supplies List

Hope You Love It Like I Do!

I hope you find watercolouring a relaxing and enjoyable way to colour your handmade cards. Not only will it give you fabulous results, it’s a wonderful way to unlock your inner artist!

Top 5 Supplies To Watercolour Rubber Stamped Cards
Beautiful Christmas Wishes in Watercolour

Now you have my top 5 supplies to watercolour rubber stamped cards, I hope you lose yourself in creating one of kind art masterpieces too – give it a try today!

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