Hey crafter, Do you want to see how to use poinsettias in Christmas cards that are absolutely stunning?  With this episode of Behind the Paper: An Interview with a Paper Crafter, let’s meet my crafting friend Carolyn and see how she adds elegance and beauty to her festive greeting cards!

Not only will you love the variety in Carolyn’s designs, you will adore the way she’s used foil and patterned papers to showcase the beauty of this seasonal flower.

Please say a warm welcome to Carolyn and her lovely designs featuring the Poinsettia Petals bundle.

Use Poinsettias in Christmas Cards
Gorgeous Poinsettia Dies for a Slimline Christmas Card

Wow! What a stunner!

Elegant. Pretty. Classic.

Like all the cards Carolyn made for you, it showcases her wonderful use of colour, pattern and design! Let’s get to know her a little more – and see some more ideas for how to use poinsettia in Christmas cards.

An Interview with a Paper Crafter: How to Use Poinsettias in Christmas Cards

How long have you been crafting?

About 30 years ago I started playing with paper and glue when I became a Creative Memories Consultant and taught scrapbooking.  About 7-8 years into that I was introduced to stamping and card making and I fell in love with handmade cards. So I guess about 22 years or so.

What “hooked” you about making your own handcrafted cards and items?

The satisfaction of creating something pretty, and the joy on someones face when they receive it.

Use Poinsettias in Christmas Cards
Traditional Poinsettia with a Velvet-like Finish

What type of space do you craft in? 

 When my husband got tired of my crafting stuff all over the kitchen table, he built a room over our sunporch. So I have a  room upstairs that I can go to and have fun without having to put it all away at meal times.

What – if anything – don’t you like about paper crafting?  

Inky fingers, I have a hard time keeping my fingers clean when using ink!!

Use Poinsettias in Christmas Cards
Plush Poinsettia Specialty Paper for a Beautiful Background

How much time do you spend crafting? When is your BEST time to craft?

Around 15 hours a week. My favourite time to craft is right after lunch, so I can have about 3 hours uninterrupted time. Although sometimes when I can’t sleep, I craft.

Use Poinsettias in Christmas Cards
Poinsettia Place DSP Makes a Quick and Easy Card

Here’s a closer peek at that bundle.

Use Poinsettias in Christmas Cards

What Will You Make First?

Since Carolyn’s created so many lovely designs for us, I’ll showcase the stamps and bundles as well as a couple of the specialty items. And if you’d like to know any more details, feel free to leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

And if you’d like one more poinsettia idea check out this card I made with the Poinsettia Place patterned paper.

Click on any of these items to add them to your own supplies for wonderful designs.


Can I Feature YOU?

Throughout this series, I’ll bring you folks who are beginner stampers and those who are a bit more “seasoned”! Drop back again soon to see my next featured artist!

If you’d like to see your designs here, contact me at [email protected]. I’d love to see your handmade artwork!

How about we finish up with a couple more ideas from Carolyn and this wonderful bundle? This one uses the fabulous brushed metallic foil papers which Carolyn has embossed with the Subtle embossing folder.

Use Poinsettias in Christmas Cards
Embossed Brushed Metallic Foil Sheets Decorate this Card

Want a close-up of this gorgeous poinsettia?

Use Poinsettias in Christmas Cards
Close Up of Stamped and Die Cut Poinsettia

I’d love to hear which of these designs was your favourite!

Click here to leave a comment.

I’ll be sure to pass on your kudos to Carolyn!

This was the last question I asked Carolyn.

Give yourself a fun “Crafting Name!

The Stampin happy Nana!

Use Poinsettias in Christmas Cards
Beautiful Detail with the Poinsettia Dies

We can certainly tell Carolyn is happy making cards. And so thankful she has shared her joy and talent with us.

I hope you enjoyed this issued of Behind the Paper: An Interview with a Paper Crafter. Carolyn’s given us some fabulous ideas for how to use poinsettias in Christmas cards – hope you find time to craft some too!

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