If I promised you could save time crafting your handmade designs when you use simple sketches for card making, would you be interested?

I know I would be!

I suspect if you’re like most of my customers, that’s exactly what you want! More time!

Time to spend just crafting the afternoon away. And coming away with lots of cards ready for mailing to family and friends!

Find out exactly how to get more cards done in less time using today’s sketch.

Use Simple Sketches for Card Making
A fun card made with a simple sketch

Isn’t there just something about coffee cards that fit so many occasions?

Whether you have only the occasional cup of joe, or are a 4 cup a day fan, coffee is part of our life!

So when you can craft up a card for a friend to let her know how you feel, AND showcase a super coffee theme, why wouldn’t you?

The Latte Love bundle is such fun to play with!

For another amazing card made with this same bundle, see how to use layers for a WOW greeting card.

When Time Gets Away From Us!

One of the most significant challenges for us card makers is that relentless march of time!

Between work, family obligations, appointments, and household chores (cleaning the bathroom is right up there on my not-so-fun-but-necessary list!), finding a spare moment to indulge in crafting can feel darn near impossible.

And when that happens, it’s a shame. All those hours slipped away on other tasks, some necessary, some not-so-necessary. It leaves little room for your creative expression.

So how can you still meet those obligations and carve out some me time? Here are a couple ideas for you:

1. Book yourself in

Get out your calendar and actually book an hour or two in on the weekend or evening just for crafting. And don’t let anything get in the way of taking that time!

2. Keep an organized craft area

This is sometimes a real challenge isn’t it? But there are a few simple things you can try so the next time you sit down to craft, that’s exactly what you do, not tidy and clean! Get a few tips that I use in my post on new craft room organization.

3. Kick out the perfectionist papercrafter!

If you’re your own worst enemy and you ‘re unable to make a card unless it meets your mother-in-law’s white gloved treatment, it’s time to let go! You’re an artist! Your cards and other paper crafted items need space and your own fabulous touches! Who you gift them to will love them all!

4. Use simple layouts to spur ideas

These are huge time savers for just getting down to the paper crafting nitty gritty. Create them exactly as they are or use them as jumping off points to fresh cards!

Use Simple Sketches for Card Making

Today’s sketch is another easy one but this time one with a peek through cut-out. A die like the large rectangle in the Everyday Details Dies has enough punch with the cut out dots that you only need it and your stamped images for a super card.

Feel free to download this image to your Pinterest Sketches folder so you can refer to it whenever you’re in the mood for a classic and easy-to-recreate design.

Use Simple Sketches for Card Making
A classic layout to save to your Pinterest board.

Continue with the theme!

You can’t resist dots! So why not reinforce the edged dots on the die with some dotted ribbon?

Use it in place of a piece of cardstock or patterned paper for even more texture.

Use Simple Sketches for Card Making
Little dots on the ribbon tie the whole card together!

How to Copy This Sketch!

How do you start to copy this layout so you can use the supplies you already own?

The very first step is to take a peek at the rectangle shaped dies you own. Is there one large enough to create a space to add a stamped image, a sentiment and a little bit of ribbon? Pull those ones out.

Then decide on the stamps you WANT to use. Maybe you’re not in the mood for a coffee design, but flowers are your thing. Or maybe you need a young kid’s card for a birthday celebration. No matter the theme or occasion, this sketch can rise to it!

Next pick your colours of ink, cardstock and embellishments. You probably wouldn’t make a pink card for a little boy. But a gal would love one!

Once you’ve gathered your supplies, just start to create using the sketch as your starting point. Copy it exactly as is or tweak up a few things to add your own style!

You’ll soon have a finished card that looks completely different from mine! Because it’s created by you, with your own artist’s brush.

Try this out a few times with different sketches and layouts. Then I know you’ll really appreciate the layout allure when you use simple sketches for card making!