Did you know you can attend free live paper crafting classes with me where you can learn to make cards like this watercolour butterflies to WOW!?

Watercolour Butterflies to WOW from Stampin' Up!
Pick Up New Card Making Ideas!

We get together every Tuesday night in my private Facebook group, Design with Jo VIPeeps!

But it’s not only live crafting! It’s interactive live crafting! I call it On Command Crafting because you get to tell me what to do!

YOU get to pick the stamps, colours, embellishments…just about everything!

Together we make great projects just like this pretty watercoloured butterfly card.

Why Join My Free Live Paper Crafting Classes?

Meet Other Paper Crafters!

One of the best parts of the VIPeeps community is we get along fabulously! Everyone shares, compliments, congratulates and answers questions for everyone else!

We have members from all around the world so you’re sure to see and hear all kinds of fresh designs and tips to make your paper crafting easier, faster and more fun!

And after a live class? When folks get busy in their own craft spaces and create, it’s wonderful! And it’s even better when they share their designs with everyone else!

Learn New Techniques & Ideas!

You’ll find ways to add to your own creative toolkits with little oopsies and tricks I’ve learned along the way!

  • New colour combinations.
  • Ways to make your stamping quicker.
  • Product and tool tips.
Watercolour Butterflies to WOW from Stampin' Up!
Put Me on the Spot in my Live Crafting Classes!

Get all the steps and measurements for a fantastic project every week like this watercolour butterflies to WOW!

Learn How to Use Your Own Supplies!

Have you ever bought some amazing new tool or stamp set and it’s stayed in the Stampin’ Up! bag for days and even weeks? In fact, perhaps it sits so long, when you do unpack it, you’re not 100% sure how to use it anymore?

I share so many ideas and use different supplies to help refresh your memory! And the VIPeeps group and my interactive crafting is a wonderful spot to ask questions – and get answers from me and others!

Try Out Something New!

Want to “try before you buy”? If you’re not sure you need to add a new product to your craft supplies, there’s a good chance I’ll give it a test drive for you.

And I give you the straight goods on whether I like something and think it’s a must have or if you could maybe pass it by. You can decide once you see it in action!

Watercolour Butterflies to WOW from Stampin' Up!
Fresh Card Ideas in My Free Live Paper Crafting Classes

Sound Like Fun?

It IS fun!

To participate, all you need to do is become a member of our free Design with Jo VIPeeps Facebook Group.

  • If you’re not yet a memberuse this link to go to the Group Page and click the Join Now button. 
  • And if you’re already a member, we’ll see you next Tuesday night at 6:30 MT for a new and fun project!

If you’re not part of this, we’re missing your vote!

And you’re missing all the learning, sharing, fun and laughs like we had making this watercolour butterflies to WOW!

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