At one of my recent Koffee and a Kard classes we made these beautiful watercolour rubber stamped poppies cards.  I had to share the results with you!

This one was the one I had as our design template.

Create Easy Watercolour Rubber Stamped Poppies with Painted Poppies and Stampin Write Markers

These were the ones the ladies designed.

Watercolour Rubber Stamped Poppies for Awesome Designs

And here are a couple more…

Learn to Watercolour Rubber Stamped Poppies for Beautiful Cards

Isn’t it so interesting how the different colours mix and mingle for some brighter, some softer poppies?

Watercolour Rubber Stamped Poppies

So we all started with the same basic supplies and tools.  

What You Need to Watercolour Rubber Stamped Poppies

How did we get different results?

  • variations in the intensity of our marker colouring on the watercolour paper
  • lighter and heavier applications of spritzed water
  • different cardstock colours placed behind the stitched label cutout
  • one additional Stampin’ Write colour (Lovely Lipstick) to choose from 😉
  • variety of flower petal placements on the card
I LOVE to Use Stampin Write Markers to Watercolour Rubber Stamped Poppies

Koffee and a Kard Classes

This class is one of my favourites.  Why?

1.We only make one card, but it’s usually got a few more steps and a technique.

2. Everyone’s in and out in about an hour and a half so they can get fit it into their schedule.

3. We’re a pretty fabulous set of stamping friends with lots of rubber stamping gossip

4. There’s always a yummy treat, 99.9% of them homemade, and

5. Everyone’s own creativity yields different, but equally stunning designs!

So Gorgeous Watercolour Rubber Stamped Poppies with Painted Poppies stamps and Painted Labels Dies from Stampin Up

Over to You Paper Crafter

Watercolour backgrounds are one of my go-to’s for beautiful projects.  They’re easy, always gorgeous, yet different every single time.  To see another idea, take a peek at this card using the same technique. And to learn how to make this background, check out this video.

Your Stampin’ Write markers, a Spritzer and some watercolour paper are all you really need!  Get started now or stock up on these supplies for your own awesome backgrounds.

Watercolour Rubber Stamped Poppies

Take a Class!

If you’re in my neck of the woods, why not attend one of my bi-weekly Thursday morning Koffee and a Kard classes?  Register here.

And if you’re not close, you can still play along with my online classes to get your creativity flowing.  Click the “Events and Classes” on the menu to see the dropdown online classes!

Thanks for stopping in today.  We’ll see you next time for another fun project. 

And until then, grab your supplies and play! Then send me YOUR version of watercolour rubber stamped poppies so I can see how different – and gorgeous – your design is!

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