Whether you’re new to paper crafting or not, you may have wondered “What does paper embossing mean?” I’m going to answer that question for you in my latest Crafty Questions video!

This card shows an example of a type of paper embossing called dry embossing.

What Does Paper Embossing Mean?
The Splatter 3D embossing folder adds the textured purple background

This is a relatively simple technique, and requires a dies cutting machine for the best effects. There are tons of different background textures to choose from and all give you cards that shout “c’mon and touch me!

Or maybe you’ve seen lovely cards like this with a shiny or metallic raised image and words like these leaves and greeting?

What Does Paper Embossing Mean?
See how to make this card here

This wedding note card showcases both types of embossing, dry (the little flower background) and heat embossing (the leaves and greeting on the card and envelope flap).

I demonstrated this exact layout and techniques for a holiday card this past Christmas in one of my CASE the Cattie videos. So you can see all the steps to make it here.

I also have a basics video series all about heat embossing. Check it out now!

What Does Paper Embossing Mean?

Click the triangle for a short video to find out what you need to know about embossing for paper crafters!

Both dry and heat embossing can be done on all kinds of paper. Cardstock, patterned papers, foil and vellum to name just a few.

What Does Paper Embossing Mean?
The Dandelion 3D embossing folder is fun to play with on vellum cardstock

Or amp up your card making even more when you combine heat embossing and dry embossing on foil. Look how wonderful the silver dragonfly is when it’s punches out of dry embossed foil paper!

What Does Paper Embossing Mean?
Create cool textures with a dry embossed AND heat embossed background

The lighter blue and silver texture of the card panel underneath shows how you can combine a dry embossed background with your heat embossing too!

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So Much Fun with Embossing!

Did you get a chance to watch the video? Thanks so much!

This last view of the double embossed notecard shows in detail the raised metallic embossing. Plus you can see all kinds of shine with clear embossing of the leaves.

What Does Paper Embossing Mean?
Mix up your embossing colours for loads of interest

I hope one or two of the ideas here gives you a shot of inspiration to add either or both of these embossing techniques to your paper crafting. And now you know the answer if someone else asks you what does paper embossing mean?

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