Ever wondered what is omitting stamping? If you want to save some moola with your rubber stamping passion, this is a quick tip you NEED!

Whether you’re a new stamper or have been rubber stamping for years, you’ll love how you can get waaaay more life from the rubber stamps you already own!

This video shows you in less than a minute how to add variety, flexibility and fun to your greetings.

What is Omitting Stamping?

This is an excerpt from a recent Facebook Live video. And when I was done and editing the video, I thought you might like to learn about it too!

What is Omitting Stamping?

Click the triangle to find out how you can spend less and get MORE from your rubber stamps!

I told you it was quick! But isn’t it just so easy too?

You just have to remember that one crucial little step and you’ll be a pro in no time!

Plus you’ll be looking at all your rubber stamps in a new light!

To see the entire project in the image above, take a peek at this two step stamping a handmade card. I love how this one turned out!

What Tip Can I Video for You?

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I hope you found this JO-Tip something you can use in your own craft space. You never know when you might want to leave off parts of a greeting – or add to another – using this idea.

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