Are you wondering what makes a must have paper crafting bundle? There are so many bundles out there, but which ones should you be spending your crafting dollars on? I’ll answer that question for you today!

First let’s take a peek at the card to see if you can see what die bundle I’m recommending here…

What Makes a Must Have Paper Crafting Bundle
Create a bold card with designer paper and an awesome paper crafting bundle!

What pops out first for you?

Is it the paper?

Maybe the embossed papers?

Perhaps the white label shape on the bold paint strokes background?

No matter which part speaks to you first, there’s no way you can miss the white label. Partly because it’s such a contrast to the background. And partly because of the sentiment.

But maybe mostly because of the sweet little tulip enhancement?

Psssst…that’s a big hint on why I love this bundle so much!

What Makes a Must Have Paper Crafting Bundle?

Oh I love the functionality of bundles! Especially DIE bundles which I’ll focus on today.

But how can you tell which are the ones to add to your stash? And which ones you should pass by?

How To Tell If A Bundle is a Great Buy

1. How many images and dies are included?

The first thing to consider is the cost but more importantly the VALUE of the bundle. There are some out there with only a couple dies and a couple larger stamps. These are super, for sure. But they’re not going to give you the variety and range of options that other larger ones will.

As a rule of thumb, you want to look for a set of stamps and dies with at least 8-10 stamps and 8 -10 dies. This will allow you to mix and match so you won’t get bored too quickly with your selections.

And you’ll be set to create designs for so many different occasions if you have a good selection of images and greetings.

That means instant value!

What Makes a Must Have Paper Crafting Bundle
There’s great value in this die bundle!

2. Are there mostly shape dies included?

I know. You love the detailed dies. I do too.

But unfortunately, they’re just not quite as versatile as shape dies.

And by “shape”, I mean generic shapes, like circles, ovals, rectangles, squares…or some variation of them.

Whenever you can pick up a set with these types of shapes I guarantee you will get lots of use from them!

And whenever you see a bundle with dies like these, you’ll be guaranteed to have at least one – and generally lots more – of the sentiments that will fit inside the shape. So multiple opportunities to get some variety on your cards!

3. Do the dies “nest” inside one another?

Hands down, you’ll get the best bang for your paper crafting buck with a set of dies that have the same shape repeated, at least once and maybe more times.

This allows you to instantly mat your greetings without having to do any fussy cutting.

But don’t stop there! You can often use the different shapes in the set to mat together too.

Or try using the dies in a different way. In my card today, the longer rectangle die is first embossed then cut in half to act like ribbon. (you can see it coming from the left side of the label).

Either of these options gives a little dash of the unexpected when you try them!

And isn’t that what you want your handmade cards to express? Your creativity?

4. Are there little “extras” included in either the stamps or dies?

Why do I like this Something Fancy Bundle (160425)? In addition to the 9 nested shapes, you get three litle dies to decorate your designs.

Like the tulip I used today.

What Makes a Must Have Paper Crafting Bundle
It’s the little details in a bundle that make it a million dollar one!

And you can use one greeting for the outside of the card, and a different one for the inside. That’s a huge plus in my book!

Now after all that chatter, do you want to see the bundle itself?

So you can see exactly what I’m talking about?

10 greetings and 12 dies, check!

Nine different shape dies, check!

Most of the dies nest together, check!

And cute little details like the tulip, leaf and teardrop (which works great to make a hold in the tag shaped die).



So you won’t get bored!

If you’ve started to fall in love with this Something Fancy bundle, catch another card I crafted with it, this pretty handmade thanks card for a friend.

Want more tips for your card making?

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Take A Fresh Look At Your Stash of Bundles!

I don’t want to leave you with the idea these are the ONLY die bundles I add to my own stash. Not so.

I love the detailed ones too. And the ones with a special die like a mini envelope or awesome cutouts.

But these more generic ones are the ones I’ll turn to again and again so I know I’ll be getting the best value from my craft supplies budget dollars.

And that’s what I’d like for you too.

So now you know what to look for, take a peek at your current stash of die bundles. How do they fit?

If you want to make this card exactly like I did, here are all the supplies I pulled out. Please feel free to click on this list that you can print, pin or order from.

The next time you’re shopping for a new die bundle, pull out this post about what makes a must have paper crafting bundle and see if you can check off the benefits – you’ll be glad you did!