Have you ever wondered “When do I use the purple plate for embossing?” Today I’m going to answer that for you. In a short video! Plus scroll down to get a free PDF to print out to tack up on your tips’n tricks board!

But first we want to check out our project made with a lovely new embossing folder!

Let Me Answer Your Question: When Do I Use the Purple Plate for Embossing

This folder is probably my favourite from the January to June Mini Catalogue. It’s called the Parisian Flourish 3D Embossing Folder and it has such a gorgeous deep design. Perfect for just about any card! It adds lots of polish as a background to this classic two-step flower design.

So…did I need to use the purple plate to emboss it? Let’s see…

When Do I Use the Purple Plate for Embossing?

So if you guessed yes…you’re right! It’s a 3D folder, so I needed to pull in the purple embossing plate for a flawless embossed design.

An Alternative for You

Now I do have to admit. I held off on getting this 3D Embossing Folder Plate. After all I already had lots of embossing plates, what did I need another one for?

And you can do what I did – for awhile. Since the clear plates you already use in your Big Shot are a little thinner than this purple one, you can create a shim with some light cardboard or a few sheets of cardstock. Then just put these in each time you use one of the 3D folders along with only one clear plate.

Yes, it does work. But for me it just wasn’t as convenient. And I had to remember every time what I had used as a shim the last time. So for the few extra bucks, I got myself one and I’m happy I did.

Beautiful Bouquet Two Step Stamping

This stamp set is one I’ve used in lots of class projects. But I realize I haven’t showcased it here before (EEK!). And that’s a shame as it’s a super versatile set.

Called Beautiful Bouquet, it’s a classic two step set. Lots of flowers to design bouquets for many occasions. Today I created a variation on a card we designed last week for my Facebook Live crafting.

I love how all the little flowers come together to create a lovely bouquet. I used three here but there are even more. The sentiments are beautiful too. A pretty script mixed with plain sans serif greetings.

VIDEO to Answer When Do I Use the Purple Plate for Embossing

Print It Off

If you love adding dry embossing to your card backgrounds like I do, and you own a Big Shot die cutting machine, make it easy on yourself. Pick up one of these add on purple plates for the new 3D folders.

And so you always know when and how to use the three different folders, here’s a quick printable reference to tack up by your Big Shot. Just click the image below to print download it.

When Do I Use the Purple Plate for Embossing

Now It’s Your Turn

If you love to get deep impressions on your card projects, grab yourself one of these little plates. After all it’s only about the price of two lattes…and won’t go right to your hips!!

Check out another of the 3D embossing folders here also with a short Jo-Tips video to make card making easier for you.

If you need any of the supplies for this card, click on any image below to head over to my 24-7 online store. I appreciate you shopping with me!

When Do I Use the Purple Plate for Embossing?

Thank You

I love to share the tips I’ve learned over my years of paper crafting. As well as new ones I pick up along the way. It’s great to always be learning and sharing with this fun past time! Let me know by dropping a line to [email protected] if you have any questions you’d like answered.

Here’s a final view of our card so you can see it’s actually a gatefold. Surprise!

Jo-Tips VIDEO When Do I Use the Purple Plate for Embossing

I hope you enjoyed this tip and found the answer to this question helpful. When do I use the purple plate for embossing?

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