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You may have already heard the news, now I want to tell you why I love the 2018 Stampin Up Colour Revamp!  If you checked out my earlier blog post, you heard me wonder whether we might have a colour refresh right? 

Well as it turns out, it’s not just a colour refresh, it’s a colour revamp!  So just what the heck is the the difference between the two?  I’m going to let you know right away!  First let’s take a quick peek at our new range of colours starting June 1st!


Now admittedly some of those are fairly small pics, (and I’ll share a little more close up pics below) but I am so excited for the range and mix of colours we’ll have June 1st for our paper crafting creations!

First, what’s the difference between a colour refresh and a colour revamp?

Refresh: only a few colours are either added or changed in the existing colour families and generally the families remain “intact”.

Revamp: Several colours are retired, added and replaced and the colour families are significantly adjusted. 

So get ready for considerable changes… Here are the quick stats you’ll want to know!

  • 13 colours retired
  • 6 prior In Colors added to our core line
  • 10 brand new colours
  • 53 total colours in our colour offerings
  • complete reshuffle of existing colour families
  • development of Basics family set of three

Whew!  There’s some major changes here right?!!  But wait a minute, how many colours do we now have?  How about 53!

  •  4 colour families of 10
  • 2 sets of In Colors totalling 10
  • 3 BASIC colours (Basic Black, Whisper White, Very Vanilla)

Now let’s see some particulars…

Which colours will we be waving good-by to?

And of course the 2016-18 In Colours we’ll be bidding adieu to.why I love the 2018 stampin up colour revamp

Now, what’s new in the 2018 Stampin Up colour revamp?


The bright and stylish 2018-20 In Colours!

why I love the 2018 stampin up colour revamp

How about the colours YOU love making a come-back (take a close look at that bottom right one – shortest retirement EVUH)?

So then what are the BRAND NEW ones?

why I love the 2018 stampin up colour revamp

And here they are, all together in the NEW colour families!

why I love the 2018 stampin up colour revampAren’t they SOOO pretty?  If you’re like me, your mind is probably just whirling with the possibiltiies!!

Let’s see why I LOVE the Stampin Up colour revamp 2018

At first I have to say I was a bit gob-smacked by the sheer number of changes😜.  (Can you relate?)  After all, just like you I’ve got a few favourites that will be hitting the dust too come May 31st (Marina Mist, Elegant Eggplant, Rose Red) ☹️.  

But then I had a chance to SEE the new shades all together at our weekend conference.  All the new possibilities, the fresh palettes, all the fun!  And I started to get it!  Stampin’ Up! is spring cleaning.  Out with the old and in with new, fresh and clean.  I know I do that all the time…clothes, dishes, furniture, lipstick 🤗. (really just the hubby is safe when I get in that mood!)  

So it only makes sense we grab some new colours and pack up and retire others.  And having gone through a couple colour changes over the past 16 years, I absolutely trust in Stampin’ Up!’s decisions. (That’s not to say I haven’t also held onto some retired colours in the past 16 years because I loved them.  But you know what? Any I still have are going in my Retired Rubber sale this summer!  I NEVER use them!)

So here’s what I think it means for all of us paper crafters!

  • a creative shot in the arm!  You asked for changes to spark your crafting bone so here they are!
  • new, fresh and on-trend shades (to be in sync with home decor and fashion trends)
  • latest and greatest colour combinations (for WOW! contemporary projects)
  • a chance to clear out some old, unused items (you probably never use anymore either!)
  • a bigger variety of products to get creative with


Now what do you need to do next?

  1. Click here to see ALL the retiring items including all the colours.
  2. Decide if you have a favourite that’s retiring (take a peek at the new colours and see if it just might become an old – and replaced -fave!)
  3. If it’s staying in your stash, check your supplies of refill, paper, markers and make sure you’ve got enough to last awhile.
  4. If you need to replenish, you’ll want to pick up supplies right away.  I’m not kidding!  these will go quickly and be gone for good!  (guaranteed until May 7th to be available and as available until May 31st) 



I have other fantastic changes to share with you too.  But I thought I should let this news settle just a teensy bit first.  So make sure you keep checking back to hear all the good stuff!

why I love the 2018 stamping up colour revamp

And can I say?  You are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE this new catalogue.  Sometimes it takes me a bit to completely warm up to our latest and greatest.  Not this time!  I’ll share a couple sneak peeks over the next while so you can see for yourself.

And I know you’ll start to see why I love the 2018 Stampin Up colour revamp too!  


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