Want to make pretty cards in just 3 steps to quick cards with scraps you’ll love?

Now be honest, if you craft like I do, your desk is a mess while you’re making cards right? And what’s more, anyone visiting better watch out, because you’ve got little scrap pieces of paper flying left, right and centre!

How about if I told you you can use those scraps and make cards JUST as awesome as the original?

Yup, let’s see this one I crafted up after our Facebook Live crafting class last week.

3 Steps to Quick Cards with Scraps You'll Love
Card Making from scraps can give amazing card designs

Each of the pieces, except the card itself is a left over scrap (yes, even the embossed Mossy Meadow panel)!

Find out how quickly a card like this can come together with my simple tricks.

3 Steps to Quick Cards with Scraps You’ll Love

Watch your card making time drop once you start using these easy steps.

How Your Scraps Can Come in Handy

1.Keep similar die cut and punched scraps in one location. For example, I keep an older stamp case labelled for all my circles. Every time I have one or two left on my desk, I toss them in there. I do the same thing for other common shapes. Then it’s easy to mix and match when I need to add a background piece, a greeting label, or even a focal point like on today’s card..

2.Sort your scrap papers by colour. Have a small filing drawer around? I use an old filing cabinet under my work desk with file folders for the different colours. Generally there are two colours per folder, usually two really unique colours so I can see each one easily. You’ll find all shapes and sizes of each colour and I pull these out when I need something smaller than a 4″ x 5 1/4″ piece rather than cut into a new fresh piece of cardstock. For instance, that was where the Basic White came from for the sentiment.

Here’s my organized craft room from a few years ago. It might give you a few thoughts on how to organize some of your own crafting things!

3.Add the little cut-off pieces of ribbon to a grab bin. My ribbon today is the Parakeet Party Metallic Woven Ribbon. It’s a scrap I had left over from the cards I made for my In Colour Club last month. I toss these into an old plant pot and can usually find a great piece to add some OOOMPH to a design. For this one, even though I don’t have Parakeet Party on this card, the colour went really well and picked up the bright highlights.

3 Steps to Quick Cards with Scraps You'll Love
Use your ribbon scraps for a cool embellishment

I glued everything together, adding my pumpkin focal point to the left middle of the card for something a little different (it’s adhered with dimensionals to pop it up a bit).

If you’d like to see the project where those pumpkins came from, it’s a gorgeous box from one of our weekly group Facebook Lives!

Free Paper Crafting Classes!

These weekly get togethers are a blast! When you come play with me Tuesdays at 1 pm mountain time, not only is it fun to get involved, you’ll see sooo many ways to make your cards prettier AND faster!i All you have to do is join the free VIPeeps group by clicking here!

We’ll be playing with foils and dies this week for a design that might end up a little bit like this! Click the image to join us!

We play every week with cool tools and techniques

Try my 3 steps to quick cards with scraps you’ll love and you’ll turn EVERY card you make into a work of art – quickly and easily!

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