Today I’ve got a special blog: 3 tips for fabulous handmade shaker cards to make anyone smile! If you’re a lover of cards with lots of movement, this one is IT!

A shaker card is a perfect WOW card for anyone, but kids in particular love them! But sometimes they may not be as “solid” as they could be. That’s where my 3 tips come in handy!

For today’s project? A few dies, a versatile greeting set and this is what you end up with!

3 Tips for Fabulous Handmade Shaker Cards to Make Anyone Smile
A cool shaker card made with a few dies and a gorgeous mix of sequins!

Admittedly, this is a super girly girly card today…those pink For Everything Fancy Sequins are a wonderful mix of pretty pinks. But you know what, in that same set there are green and blue sequins too! So how would you change this pink confection up for a guy? Leave me a comment!

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I have to admit, I used to shy away from shaker cards, thinking they just were too complicated. Or they took too long.

Or sometimes, if I made one, it just didn’t hold together well and it would lose its stick and all those fun bits would fall out! But once I figured out these 3 tips, they’ve become a favourite!

3 Tips for Fabulous Handmade Shaker Cards

Use these few tips to add a bit more structure to your shakers so they’ll stand the test of time!

Jo’s Tips for a Sturdier Shaker

  1. Use a die cut or punch to cut out your shape. Whether you love basic shapes or something a bit more detailed, these tools make the “shape” part of the shaker super easy! Simply punch or crop it out and you’ve created your focal point lickety split!
  2. Add a slightly larger clear window sheet behind the cut out shape. You need to replace the cardstock you cut away with a clear barrier and extend it slightly. This will keep the “shaker” part of the card inside. Make a complete trail of thin liquid glue around the shape and place your acetate on top and let it dry.
    Another TIP: Give a little swipe of your Embossing Buddy or a spent dryer sheet over the acetate to remove any static so your bits and bobs move freely.
  3. Add a double layer of adhesive to secure your top layer. Use foam Adhesive Strips on the backside of your panel so it creates a complete “pen” just around the open shape. So for instance on mine, the foam is just to the inside of the open areas. Really tap it in place so it’s adhered snugly. Then make sure it’s resting so the adhesive is facing up! Insert your shaker bits. Remove the backing from the adhesive strips then add a line of liquid glue on top. This will make sure your adhesive holds securely when you pyt tge card back on and you won’t have any of your bits pop out!
3 Tips for Fabulous Handmade Shaker Cards to Make Anyone Smile
The Split Card Texture Die does all the work to create a neat shape for your shaker

Want to another cool idea for the same kind of shaker? I’ve got a neat one in this blog showing you my favourite ways to add sparkle.

There are simpler ways to make a shaker card if this seems a bit challenging. Try my super easy shaker card ideas for another take on shakers!

What Dies and Punches Could You Use for a Shaker Card?

There are so many dies and punches you can use to create these fun shaker cards. While I used one of the Split Card Texture Dies, I’d love to see what you’re using!

Be sure to check out all the supplies I used by making a simple click on this list you can print, pin or order from. Thank you so much for ordering with me and supporting my business.

Let’s take a final look at this cool design.

3 Tips for Fabulous Handmade Shaker Cards to Make Anyone Smile
What a fun card to give a gal friend!

Give a shaker a try! They’re such a fun card design! And now you know 3 tips for fabulous handmade shaker cards to make anyone smile, get ready for all those rave reviews!

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