Let me give you 3 tips for fabulous layered cards with only stamps! Is it possible to create all kinds of layers with a simple technique?

You betcha! It’s using the masking technique.

I always know what my postage is going to be before I head to the post office. And there’s no denying, layers and embellishments on handmade cards, while beautiful, add up to sometimes DOUBLE the postage!

So if I told you it can help you save money, wouldn’t you be all over it?

While it might take a little time to wrap your head around the concept, once you get the hang of it, it’s fun and I guarantee you can save on postage when you avoid lots of bulky layers.

How about we make a plate of yummy chocolate chip cookies on a card like this one?

3 Tips for Fabulous Layered Cards with Only Stamps
A card that looks good enough to eat!

Doesn’t that make you want to grab a bag of Chips Ahoy right now?? 😋

The cookies are the only things masked on here. But by masking them then overstamping with the words, you get a cool effect too.

A couple weeks ago, I shared a blog all about how to use masking paper for rubber stamping. I also made a video to show you exactly how I made these cookies. See it here.

Masking is a great technique to add to your own rubber stamping toolkit. Plus, it’s always good to have some tips to help you when you’re starting something new.

3 Tips for Fabulous Layered Cards with Only Stamps

Quick Tips for Masking

  1. Use your mask over and over again. When you make a mask, whether you use a sticky note or masking paper, don’t throw it out after you use is. It usually has lots more stick left to create a solid plate of cookies like in my card. Keep it in your stamp case to pull out whenever you want to mask the same image again.
  2. Make more than one mask. When you’re repeating the exact same stamp over and over like I did with the se cookies, make a couple masks (I think I used 3) and keep moving them. For example, once you’ve masked and stamped the first 3-4 cookies, you’ve moved away from that very first stamp. So when you remove the mask, you’re not in danger of stamping over it again.
  3. Add repeating different elements for depth. Although I could have completely covered the panel with the cookies image, I wanted to have some repeating words in behind. This adds interest for one thing, but by adding the different colour, and then adding different intensities of colour, it adds depth too.
3 Tips for Fabulous Layered Cards with Only Stamps
Create layer after layer by using multiple masks for the cookies

The Nothing’s Better Than stamps are photopolymer so it makes it super easy to see exactly where you’re stamping. But don’t worry, it works just as well with red rubber and even wood stamps.

If you’d like even more tips for masking, check out my 5 steps to adorable layered cards that won’t cost extra to mail

What Other Stamps Could Be Multiples Like This?

Besides cookies, why not try a field of flowers or a pile of leaves? Maybe a poinsettia plant or a patch of pumpkins? There are so many groups of different images that would be ideal with this technique.

This card uses surprisingly few supplies – click on this list that you can print, pin or order from. Thanks for shopping with me in Canada.

Pull your masking into the inside of the card too.

3 Tips for Fabulous Layered Cards with Only Stamps
Add fun elements to the inside of the card too

Give my 3 tips for fabulous layered cards with only stamps a try and see how much you can save on postage too!

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