You are going to love, love, love these 4 tricks to make your handmade cards stand out! Way above the rest! And so so far above those off-the-rack purchased cards!

Now, if you’re visiting this blog, you’re probably already hooked on card making. I get it. I live there too.

You’ve got the tools, the paper, stamps and inks. The die cut machine, the heat tool, the markers, erasers and adhesives. The only thing you might not have?

Those special little tricks to turn your handmade cards from great to AWESOME!

Let’s see our card and I’ll share 4 easy tricks to do just that!

4 Tricks to Make Your Handmade Cards Stand Out!
Create a bright and bold handmade card with these 4 card making tricks!

Rich colours and some simple elements create a beautiful fall card you could make at home too!

4 Tricks to Make Your Handmade Cards Stand Out!

Your handmade cards will be AWESOME when you try a couple of these tricks.

Easy Tricks for Amazing Cards

Add texture

As simple as this one is, it’s the one to get the most touchy-feely feels when your envelope is ripped open!

How can you do this? With embossing folders like the Timber 3D one I used in two separate places on this card, the card base itself, then the first panel layer with the dots.

The trick? One of the textures is running one direction, and the second one is running at 90 degrees to it! And take a peek at that ribbon! Soft, stringy and ragged so you want to reach out and touch!

Don’t make it perfect

Wait! What??

Yup, you read that right! Handmade is hand made. With little imperfections and cool additions.

So don’t over-stress it! (this advice coming from an accountant who’s come a long way in her perfectionist tendencies! LOL!)

The trick? Tearing your paper is one of the quickest ways to draw attention to your card. Do it in a couple spots, like on left of the dotted layer and the right of the greeting label. Immediate attention getter!

What are 4 Tricks to Make Your Handmade Cards Stand Out!
Play with shapes and unexpected elements for a cool card that will stand out on the mantle!

Combine shapes

Look at all the shapes on this card!

  • square/torn rectangle
  • a large cut out label
  • the dots
  • the small label and…
  • that beautiful large leaf itself!

The trick? Even with the rectangle thrown in there, it has round dots which perfectly coordinate with the large and small labels. So rather than being harsh, it pulls together the design. Plus, the rounded curve shape is repeated three times on the card which is super pleasing to the eye.

Stamp off!

There are a couple ways to interpret that comment, but here I mean it in a super easy way.

The trick? Instead of stamping the leaves smack dab in the middle of the large label, they’re cut off just a wee bit on both sides. So in an instant you’ve added an element that makes your card recipient take note and wonder what the rest might have looked like!

So there you have it! A few tricks you can try to add to your own hand made cards!

If you like the feel and style of this card and would like even more ideas, check out these simple tips for lovely vintage handmade cards.

Give One or Two a Try!

Don’t worry. You don’t need to pile every trick onto every card you make. Maybe try to pull in one at a time until they feel just a tiny bit more natural for you and the way you design your projects.

Here are all the supplies I used. I would love it if you click on this list that you can print, pin or order from. Thank you for placing your Canadian Stampin’ Up! order with me and supporting my Design with Jo business.

A Final Trick

Make your card even more unforgettable by fancying up the inside.

Finish off the inside of your card to make it stand out even more

Stamp on the inside panel and also add some blending so it ties in beautifully with the card front.

And don’t throw out that piece you tore off. Glue it inside for complete coordination!

I sure hope you enjoyed learning about my 4 tricks to make your handmade cards stand out and I foresee your cards taking pride of place above the store-bought ones immediately!