Today I’ve got 5 handmade card details to blow people away. Simple little tricks you can use to get your card recipients tearing open your envelope when it lands in their mailbox!

Can you guess what the 5 might be?

What Are 5 Handmade Card Details to Blow People Away
Your alcohol marker coloured images will pop off the page!

Before I get to the card details you’re going to want to consider adding to your cards, let’s talk about that teacup.

Isn’t it lovely?

The orange and yellow part is one of the detailed dies in the Teacup Dies, and the colouring is actually a watercolour background I made and cut out! (I HAD to add in some watercolour since it’s World Watercolour Month!)

The teacup’s adhered directly on top of the teacup shape die so it looks like an actual cup you might purchase in a fancy bone china shop!

OK now let’s move on to which elements you might want to focus on in your own handmade cards.

5 Handmade Card Details to Blow People Away

Jo’s Details to Make Your Cards Stand Out

See 5 Handmade Card Details to Blow People Away
Lots of details make this card stand out
  1. Keep your colours to a minimum. Basically only yellow and orange make this card but there’s lots of white to intensify the colours even more.
  2. Repeat coloured elements. Even though there are only two colours, by drawing in the patterned papers (and two different patterns), the inked images and the layered cardstock panels, everything coordinates beautifully.
  3. Mix up lots of texture. In the picture above, you can see texture in the teacup die, the embossed white background and the dotted edge of the square frame. These make you want to reach out and touch the card.
  4. Add lots of layers. Can you count how many layers there are? (I’ll tell you the total at the bottom of the post 😉) As long as they’re not too bulky (and end up costing more postage), layers add tons of interest.
  5. Consider making a fun fold. Everyone who gets a fun fold card is amazed! Whether it’s a simple fold like this reverse fold or much more intricate, the cards just seem to have that little extra OOOMPH.

If you’d like to know more about creating watercolour backgrounds, check out this blog watercolour backgrounds for handmade cards. And if you really want to go in-depth, you might love my Watercolour Backgrounds for Card Makers online class!

Which Elements Will You Add First?

If you’re fairly new to paper crafting, instead of throwing all of these features at one card right away, gradually add one or two elements at a time. In fact, most of my designs don’t incorporate all of these!

Build up your confidence and you’ll soon start to get a feel for what elements you love and which ones you’ll pass on. It’s the best way to develop your own style!

If you like, you can see all the supplies I used by clicking on this list you can print, pin or order from.

Want one last peek?

5 Handmade Card Details to Blow People Away
Make cards with elements to make it POP!

I hope you enjoyed these 5 handmade card details to blow people away – oh and the total number of layers on this card is a whopping ten!

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