Avoid the last minute panic with my 5 steps to start your Christmas cards early in 2022!

I know all about panic! Every year no matter how well I plan, it seems it’s the week before the holidays and I’m madly cutting, scoring and addressing! I’ve even had to do New Year’s cards a couple years because there were too many tasks to fit in!

It sorta takes some of the fun away from card making!

Can anyone else relate?

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So let’s make a pact this year! Let’s get them all done by November 1st!

Anyone in?

5 Steps to Start Your Christmas Cards Early in 2022

So in the festive spirit, here’s your first idea. Simple, with two kinds of embossing!

Start Your Christmas Cards Early in 2022
Enjoy the spirit of holiday crafting without the panic by starting early!

So let’s say you’re going to take that challenge… What are the steps I think are the best for getting a jump on your holiday greetings?

1. Decide on your design

Maybe you love this design, or you’ve already decided on one you’ve filed away. Sometimes this is the hardest step and we can become overwhelmed.

Take a peek at what you made last year. If it was traditional, maybe you want to go cute this year. Or if it was whimsical, perhaps a spiritual one is needed.

Then you’re going to want to…

2. Get the measurements and steps

You don’t have an actual card in your hand to measure and CASE, contact the artist of the card to see if you can get the measurements.

Once you’ve nailed down your design, take a close look at it and…

3. Make a mock up

This could be either step 3 or 4 but I’ve put it earlier since you could change your mind as you’re playing!

This is the time to give the design a try. You don’t need to use the exact stamps or papers, but get a feel for making the card itself. You might like to add or take away from the design to make it more personalized.

Or, you may find once you try this card, it’s really not what you want to make! If that’s the case, go back to step 1 and start again!

Start Your Christmas Cards Early in 2022
See how these sweet new Heart Pearls are a perfect match to this sentiment.

If you love what you’ve made, now you need to decide how many cards you’re going to make and…

4. Decide what you need for supplies

This is a crucial step. Do you need a new set of stamps or dies or do you have something in your toolkit already? Are you going to make it exactly as you see it or try a few tweaks of your own? Have you got all the cardstock you need and envelopes?

If you need to order something, do it now! Stamps, bundles and especially Designer Series Papers sell out quickly and you don’t want to be disappointed. If you’d like any of the supplies I used on today’s card, a simple click here is all you need to do to pin, print or order .

Click this button to shop when you get your order together!

Now you have everything you need it’s time to…

5. Prep your supplies

This is really the start to batch card making. Cut the pieces you need and score the cardstock. If you need to crop some dies with your Stampin’ Cut & Emboss machine, do that now too. Cut your ribbon. Group or stack them together in a box or plastic bin with the stamps, inks and any other embellishments so they are ready for you to start creating whenever you have a spare hour or two.

Then after that, it’s just time to have fun!

You’ll have them all made and addressed in no time!

Make a Plan and Get Started

We’ll all feel so much better when we’ve got a plan for our Christmas card designs!

Start Your Christmas Cards Early in 2022
The Seasonal Labels Dies are a must have in any paper crafting room!

If you follow my 5 steps to start your Christmas cards early in 2022, I know you’ll be well ahead of the game – and you’ll avoid that last minute panic and actually have some fun at the same time!

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