This is a must read – clever ways to mix metals you’ve got to try! Christmas is a time for sparkle and shine, right?

But with so many gorgeous metallics, which one do you decide to use for THIS year’s card?

What if I told you you don’t need to pick only one?

Let’s see what I mean with this easy fun fold design.

Clever Ways to Mix Metals You've Got to Try
Easy fun fold card made with lots of metallic shine

What’s the first thing you notice about this card?

Maybe the polished silver snowflake die? Or the satiny gold “joy”?

Perhaps it’s the bright glistening gold snowflakes set against the black bokeh paper?

Whatever speaks to you first, I’ll bet it had something to do with one of the metals on this card.

How many do you see? (Keep reading and I’ll tell you below 😉.)

Clever Ways to Mix Metals You’ve Got to Try

How to Mix Up Your Metals

These are the FIVE ways I played around with the metallics on today’s design.

1. Champagne Embossed Greeting

To get this colour, I mix some gold embossing powder with a little bit of silver then used it for the “joy” greeting. It tones down the yellow of the gold into a more silvery sheen.

2. Sparkle Gold Patterned Paper

The Lights Aglow 6×6 DSP has some lovely brassy gold on one side, You can see the snowflakes/stars here. It really does glisten!

Clever Ways to Mix Metals You've Got to Try
Make a pretty Christmas card with the Lights Aglow DSP
3. Shiny Silver Snowflake

Snowflakes are one of the MOST popular images for winter and Christmas. And when you have such a big, bold, beautiful one like in the Twinkling Lights Dies, you want to show it off!

Here I’ve cut just the outline of it in the shiniest silver from the Silver Specialty 12×12 paper. It has a slight burnish and is just lovely. You could easily get 10 or more from one piece of this paper.

4. Sparkly Silver Pearls

These tiny pearls light up this card. I choose silver to match the snowflake, Plus because I have a trio of them on the vellum circle beneath the champagne embossing, I thought there would be too much gold for them to be noticed.

5. Silver Embossed Snowflakes on the Black DSP

You might have thought the snowflakes on the right hand side of the card were part of the Lights Aglow paper itself. They aren’t!

I stamped and embossed them in silver on the reverse side of the same black and gold paper on the left side of the card. It’s a great way to get maximum use from just one sheet of this glorious paper!

Clever Ways to Mix Metals You've Got to Try
Lovely silver accents instantly add polish and pizzazz!

You might think black is an unusual colour for a Christmas card.

But for me there’s just something about how elegant and classy it is! Click any of these links to see where I’ve featured it on holiday cards:

Over to You Card Maker!

Try mixing up your metals on your next card. No matter what your design is, choose some paper you have with a little bit of gold, silver, champagne or copper as your starting point. Then just start to mix things up a bit!

To see the items I used for today’s card, a simple click here allows you to pin, print or order.

I hope you enjoyed this card featuring clever ways to mix metals you’ve got to try – and you’ll experiment with some cards full of shine and glitz!