You’ve got to try this cool rubber stamping technique everyone will love! They’re going to really wonder how you got a duo-toned cat!

Even if you’ve been stamping for awhile, there’s always old and new techniques to tweak our stamping experiences.

Plus they’re excellent ways to change up your card designing! Take a peek at this adorable card!

Make a two-tone cat quickly and easily with a new-to-you technique!

I couldn’t resist creating a fun card to say how much I appreciate a great gal friend! Who just happens to love cats too!

This is an easel card and sometimes might be a bit challenging for your friend to know how to display.

So to help with that, I’ve compiled a great template for you to download and save and tuck into your card!

Just click the image to get yours.

If you’d love to see just how to make an easel card. click to check out my Facebook Live I just hosted this morning February 24th! I’ve 4 different alternatives for you!

Cool Rubber Stamping Technique Everyone Will Love

See how much fun it is to play and add colour to your rubber stamped images! Here’s the How-To so you can see how easy it is!

  1. Ink up your stamp with your ink then lay the stamp upside down on the table.
  2. Dab your sponge dauber into another darker, but complementary colour of ink then dab lightly right onto the stamp.
  3. Stamp onto your paper.
  4. Clean your stamp well before inking again.

Easy Tips for Cool Colouring on Stamps

  • Use solid stamps. These critters work wonderfully well for this technique. They’re solid image stamps meaning the colour of ink you use is the colour you’ll see on the paper. There’s no need to colour these in with markers or pencil crayons after you stamp.
  • Start with a lighter colour of ink. To get the best result with this technique, you’ll want to start with a lighter colour. For today’s card I used Petal Pink. To show a little variety, the images in the How-To section have Pale Papaya (also to use in an upcoming post!)
  • Select only portions of the stamp to dab on your dauber. You’ll end up with the best results when you only add your contrasting colour to a small portion of you rubber stamp. This gives you the pop of colour you see in this fun card.
Cool Rubber Stamping Technique Everyone Will Love
No reason why you can’t make your cat ANY colours you want to!

You can see how the letters and dots are holding the easel in position. You always need to have something that will stop the front from sliding forward and just closing.

But a closed easel card is pretty cool too! This is exactly how it would come out of the envelope in your friend’s hand!

Cool Rubber Stamping Technique Everyone Will Love
Closed or open, an easel card is a fun card to make – and give!

Get all the steps for this unusual- but easy – fun fold and make a simple fun fold easel card your friend(s) will love!

Give This Technique a Try!

All you need is a solid image stamp or two and a sponge dauber with a contrasting colour and you’ll be off to the races with this technique. Try it! I know it will become a fun way to amp up your colouring on your handmade cards.

Here are all the supplies I used – click on this list that you can print, pin or order from. Thanks so much for ordering with me and supporting my Design with Jo business.

Try my cool rubber stamping technique everyone will love and see how many different colour combinations you can make!