Hi crafter, you’re going to want to get close to take a look at this easy gift box with handmade cards made by my friend and crafter Karen!

I know you love to learn about what other crafters JUST LIKE YOU play with in their craft spaces. So in this latest episode of Behind the Paper, An Interview with a Paper Crafter, we get to take a closer peek into Karen’s craft room and see some of her amazing designs!

Karen blew me away with her beautiful Framed Florets designs, and a sweet box to package them in!

Easy Gift Box with Handmade Cards
Pair the Framed Florets bundle with Kraft cardstock and our Kraft Gift Boxes for a special gift

I love everything about this box. The colour, the simple white embossed flowers on Kraft paper, the beautiful card inside (which you can see by itself down below)…everything!

What makes it so easy is it comes already cut, scored and with adhesive! So all you have to do it fold it along the score lines and put it together!

With the peek through clear cutout, your gift is displayed so the recipient gets to see it right away! They’re the perfect size for cards, a scarf, some flat treats like cookies, jelly beans…there are so many options!

All of Karen’s cards fit inside here (even the slimline snuck under the wire!) and it really showcases how classy and detailed Karen is in her paper crafting!

An Interview with a Paper Crafter

If you could only take one tool with you to a deserted paper crafting island, what would it be and why?

I would love to take everything but my Paper Trimmer is indispensable to me – for cutting, scoring and sometimes measuring.

Name the best stamping or crafting tip you’ve learned in the last year.

I’m not sure it’s actually a tip but I think I have learned to not keep under-estimating and doubting myself and to just try new things. Even if I don’t end up being good at them at least I tried – and probably will keep on trying.

Excellent advice Karen! Trying new things may not always work out, but it keeps the spice alive in your craft room!

Easy Gift Box with Handmade Cards
Use some specialty paper to make a WOW cardfront!

How do you learn new things about paper crafting?

Mostly from other demonstrators/crafters via FaceBook, YouTube, blogs, etc.

What adhesive do you tend to use the most?

I am using Tombow liquid glue a lot more now but still use a tape runner for certain things.

Easy Gift Box with Handmade Cards
Absolutely lovely design featuring Soft Succulent and Crumb Cake

What’s the latest new technique you tried? What was the result?

Blending with the brushes. I’m getting more comfortable with how they work and how to blend evenly for edging, backgrounds, stencils, etc. (see Karen’s last card below – I think she’s nailed it!)

What’s your favourite fun fold card to make?

I like most fun folds as long as they can stand up to be displayed. I also like fun folds that include ‘pockets’ for gift cards, cash, a little note, etc.

Easy Gift Box with Handmade Cards
Dry embossed lines are added first then stamped over for a cool effect

Doesn’t Karen look like she really loves what she does? So much variety from one little set.

Want to see more of her ideas? Check out her totally fabulous berry and versatile Sweet Strawberry card making!

Here’s a closer peek at the bundle. An important note however! This bundle has been so popular, the dies are not available right at the moment,. They’re scheduled to be back in stock the last week of March though so be sure to make a note so you can add it to your stash!

It’s definitely one of the good’uns for me – that I have yet to add to my own supplies!!

Framed Florets are so popular for so many reasons!

Karen spends many hours paper crafting. So much in fact, she joined as a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator several years ago. So we get to be “stamping sisters” on Karen Duke’s Duke’s Divas, a simply wonderful team!

How about we leave you with with a stunning fun fold idea from Karen and this must-have bundle?

Easy Gift Box with Handmade Cards
A fun fold card with Petal Pink and Soft Succulent touches

Which One Is Your Fave?

Karen would love to know! And so would I!! Leave me a comment!

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We couldn’t leave you without showing off the folds on that last one a bit more!

Isn’t the inside just lovely?

Easy Gift Box with Handmade Cards
What a gorgeous fun fold to make for someone special!

Here’s a final thought from Karen.

Share a compliment someone gave you about your card making.

I was very recently told by a friend who always purchases Christmas cards from me, that her Cousin told her that the card she received this year was the most incredible card she’d ever seen (her words).

She is also a card maker but said she would never be able to make something ‘as beautiful’ as that and realizes the effort that goes into handcrafted cards. I just wish I knew which one it was! 😆

If these 5 designs are anything to go by, I’d say Karen’s cards are ALL incredible!

I think I already know you enjoyed her easy gift box with handmade cards – you just can’t help yourself, right?