Have you ever wondered how to get images stamped on vellum to POP? You know how they can look just a little…um…dull?

So I’ve found if I really want to WOW my card recipients with some vellum in my card making, all it takes is a tiny little bit of help.

And it can’t get much simpler than this!

This is an excerpt from a recent YouTube Live video. And I pulled out just this quick and easy tip so you can add it into your own paper crafting toolkit!

Two Step Stamping a Handmade Card

This was the design I showed you how to make in the live. You can see the full video here.

If you’ve never tried stamping on vellum before, you’ll be amazed how pretty they can look.

And if you HAVE tried it before, and fell in love with the technique, take a peek at this double embossed vellum fun fold card!

How to Get Images Stamped on Vellum to POP

Click the triangle for a super short little video how to!

Give that a try for your next vellum card and see the difference it can make!

Any TIPS You’d Like to Share?

One of the best things about my job is sharing tips and tricks like this so you spend more quality time paper crafting and less time trying to figure out why something just doesn’t look quite “right”.

So I’m reaching out to you to help make our stamping community even better! If you’ve got a quick tip you think others would really benefit from, leave me a comment. Then I’ll see about putting it into a JO-Tips video format and give you credit!

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See You Next Time!

Thanks for stopping by today and peeking at my latest tip video!

I hope you found this one useful and it’s one you’ll put into play right away!

If you liked this how to get images stamped on vellum to POP video and would love to see more quick and easy video tips, wander over to my JO-Tips YouTube playlist with a simple little click here.