If you’d like to know how to make amazingly simple cards guys will love, don’t leave this page! I’m going to give you a few tips that’ll change the way you make cards for “HIM”!

Here’s our project. It’s a bit deceiving so read on to see how I made it!

How to Make Amazingly Simple Cards Guys Will Love
Create bold texture for cards for guys

So many of my customers tell me making cards for their guys is tough!

Do you agree? Leave me a comment and let me know what the HARDEST part is?

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I think it could be that we have pages and pages of flowers and “pretty” things. So it’s hard to take a detour for the guys when we need to.

But most of us have a fella in our circle, so here’s a few ideas for you.

How to Make Amazingly Simple Cards Guys Will Love

1.Colour plays a BIG part. Yeah you probably already know this one, but it bears repeating. Shelve your pinks and yellows. For the most part guys wanna see blues, greys, black and browns, maybe even some green.

2.Keep layers to a minimum. No matted labels and images stacked up! And definitely no frilly bows and other frippery! In fact today’s card has only ONE layer! OK, here’s the deceiving part.

I’ve created the LOOK of layers by sponging different intensities of colour right onto my Smoky Slate cardstock. To do that, I used the Basic Borders Dies, cut the edge of a piece of Basic Black cardstock about 3″ x 5″ and used it as my template.

You can see both Smoky Slate and Basic Grey ink in the design. Isn’t it great how the little stitching lines showed up too?

How to Make Amazingly Simple Cards Guys Will Love
Who says a witch can’t have green hair?

3.Bold greetings. Guys love big and bold and you can’t get much more bold than the greeting on this one (from the Biggest Wish stamp set).

4. Less is More. When you think you want to add a bunch of dots and pearls, hold yourself back! A couple well-placed dots in a deep colour says it all!

5. Think Geometrical . Most guys really love cards with geometrical shapes. Triangles, octagons, squares, rectangles…they’re a fabulous was to get his attention. This card uses almost a rick-rack pattern to pull in the triangles.

And did you even notice? There are no rubber stamped images besides the words on this card! Something else would only detract from this design’s simplicity! (when in doubt go back to #4, Less is More!)

For even more ideas, let’s say for a B-day rather than a thank you, check out this quick and easy masculine birthday card. You can see all kinds of questions to ask yourself before you even start creating so you make one right up HIS alley!

Give Them A Try!

Take a gander at your stamps. Are there ones you could pull out for a quick and easy guy card like mine?

You might be surprised at how SHORT the list of supplies is for this card. Click on this list that you can print, pin or order from. If you have any questions, be sure to send me an email at jo@designwithjo.ca.

Toning down our card making for the fellas is not only possible, it’s a huge chance to get more creative!

With these ideas for how to make amazingly simple cards guys will love, craft up a few then see if you’ve changed the way you craft for him – for ever!!