Want to know how to make your dies cut better? This super super short video shows you how!

Every die cutting machine is different. The roller mechanism in each one is calibrated just the tiniest bit differently. And based on the age and whether you’ve die cut mountains or molehills of shapes, you may have times when it likes to leave some of your die shapes still attached and not cut through your paper!

Frustrating? Yes!



This video shows you in seconds a surprisingly easy and inexpensive way to improve its cut!

No kidding!

This is an excerpt from a recent Facebook Live video where I showcased the Sweet Citrus bundle and Hybrid Embossing folder. The tip I shared works for regular metal dies equally as well.

To see the entire video, and learn how a single template can be changed up for variety, be sure to check my free live video class about this simple card layout with options and the Sweet Citrus bundle.

How to Make Your Dies Cut Better

Watch now so you can avoid wasting paper and get happy results every time you die cut!

Super simple, and why else do we have those office things around the house? LOL!

What I suggest is to leave your note right with the die or mark it in some way so you know you have to rig it up slightly for a better cut.

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Give It a Try!

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And now you how to make your dies cut better, pull out some of those frustrating ones and see if this doesn’t work for them too – it just might!