Want to know how to save money cutting cardstock? Stop wasting and start using every scrap! I’ve got a simple template and a short how-to video to show you exactly how to get every penny out of one piece of fabulous paper!

Get My Template for How to Save Money Cutting Cardstock

Save on cardstock and money with my template!

Every paper crafter I know just LOVES their paper! Whether it’s plain old cardstock, versatile patterned paper, stunning glimmer paper or any other kind of paper, we sometimes tend to -ahem- hoard it.


Because it’s just too pretty to use! Right? Put up your hand if this is you!! 😁

How about instead, we turn that thought around?

It’s too pretty NOT to use on designs for your best friends and family! They will feel so special when a card handmade with love by you hits their mailbox!

How to Save Money Cutting Cardstock

So how about I give you a way to cut into it without worrying whether you’re wasting it?

Whether you’re making multiples of one card or just one each, this is a great way to cut them all at once. Or have leftover pieces that are a great size to put into your scrap drawer for a later design.

But before you watch the video, you’re going to want to download my Save Money Cutting Cardstock template pdf by clicking here. It will make it a bit easier to follow the video along with me.

Click the triangle

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And don’t forget to download your template and print it out so it’s close at hand when you’re crafting!

Free Template for How to Save Money Cutting Cardstock
Save the moola you waste on making wrong cuts for fun stamps!

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See You Next Time

Did you get a chance to take a peek at the video? Thanks so much for watching!

I hope you find all kinds of ways to creatively use the moola you save now you know how to save money cutting cardstock – enjoy!

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