If you get stumped figuring out how to two step stamp, you need to read this post!

Maybe you’ve tried it before and it ends up looking a bit like a dog’s breakfast?

Or perhaps you’ve heard the term but you’re not sure what it really means?

Before we get into the technique how-to, take a peek at today’s cute card!

How to Two Step Stamp
Two step stamping with the Just My Type stamps

I had looked several times at this stamp set in the catalogue. So when a customer flubbed on her item number I ended up owning this one by default! Must’ve been a happy accident!

Speaking of happy, that’s what I wanted to convey with this card. Lots of love and smiles! Bright colours, a fun decorative edge and a swish of ribbon makes this a cheerful greeting to send someone special!

What is Two Step Stamping?

You can see exactly how to make a cool autumn tree in this blog post that answers the question what is two step stamping.

Basically, it’s taking more than one rubber stamp image and using it together with at least one other image to create your card.

In other words, you use multiple stamps, and probably multiple ink colours, to create a picture.

In today’s card, there are four different stamps used:

  • the base of the typewriter in Pebbled Path
  • our piece of paper in the typewriter (also in Pebbled Path)
  • a heart, repeated three times in Azure Afternoon, Lemon Lime Twist and Daffodil Delight, and
  • the greeting

While I created my card with only these 4 stamps, you can see how many exciting options you have with all the stamps available in this set. 17 in total!! So many combinations to design your greetings!

How to Two Step Stamp

So how do you do it?

Simple Steps to Make This Card

  1. Stamp the typewriter first in Pebble Path ink.
How to Two Step Stamp

2. Stamp the piece of paper, directly above the “carriage” of the typewriter also in Pebbled Path. This is very easy to do as this is a photopolymer stamp set and you can see right through the block an image to the paper beneath. TIP: Try not to leave any gaps so it looks like the paper is rolled right onto the roller of the typewriter. 2nd TIP: It helps if you’re standing and looking directly down onto your piece of paper since you’ll be able to see the top of the typewriter. 3rd TIP: You might find you like to stamp the paper first, then the typewriter. No worries!

3. Stamp the heart three times. Clean the stamp between each of the three colours, Lemon Lime Twist, Azure Afternoon and Daffodil Delight. TIP: When you stamp the heart, rotate it slightly each time so all the hearts are not going in the same direction. I liked that two hearts were “on” the paper and one was above the paper. but you might like to try and fit them all in.

4. Stamp the greeting above the image with Azure Afternoon ink.

And just like that, you’ve mastered two step stamping!

It’s true you can find much more complicated methods to two step stamping. But if you’re just starting out, this is the simplest way to create a picture using multiple stamps.

So take it easy on yourself and get the hang of the technique first. Then feel free to branch out!

Same Card, Same Colours!

Here’s a second version of this card, exactly the same except for the colour of the card base and the placement of the hearts. Leave me a comment and let me know which you prefer.

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