OK, time for some last minute tags for Christmas!

I know! It’s only days before Christmas! And you’ve got a list as long as your arm! Including wrapping and getting all those presents delivered or under the tree!

You might be panicking, thinking you need to zoom out and buy some gift tags since you’re all out!

NO! Don’t do it!

First you can spend that same amount of time doing something WAAAAAY more fun!

And secondly, I bet you have the basis of a ton of tags in your stamping room already!

Here’s one I made in about 3 – yes, THREE – minutes!

Make a gift tag for Christmas in less than 5 minutes?!

How’d I Make It So Quick?

After all, it’s a pretty involved design, isn’t it?

There’s die cutting. Then heat embossing. And the layers!

Well, it was super simple!

I took a card I had already made and cut it down to be more like a tag size!

Duh! Why didn’t I think of this sooner? Up-cycling at its best!

Remember how we always used to save our Christmas cards and re-use them in following years?

This is just like that, except it’s a card you’ve got hanging around in your stash that would look absolutely fantastic decorating a present!

Last Minute Tags for Christmas

So you only need a couple tools and supplies for this:

  • your paper trimmer
  • a hole punch
  • twine of some kind
  • optional: To/From rubber stamp and ink to coordinate

Start by trimming off the edges of the card to make it more “tag-like”. One great thing about tags is they can really be ANY size.

Try to keep the really important parts of the card intact. On mine, I didn’t want to lose the cut out details on the Soft Succulent layer. So I made sure I kept it to a 3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ size.

I wouldn’t skip the using your paper trimmer part though. It will give you a straight cut in no time at all! You just can’t do that free hand with scissors – or at least I can’t!

Once it’s trimmed down, add one hole punch in a corner (this is the easiest and quickest to do).

Then double up your twine and insert the folded end through the hole. Pull it through and open up that loop and put both ends of the twine through the loop and pull until snug.

The fastest gift tags you’ll ever make!

You will instantly have a gift tag that looks like you spent hours creating! Whoever gets it will think you spent hours making it just for them! Let’s keep that our little secret shall we?

If you’d like another really fast idea, you’ll love learning how to make last minute gift tags by embossing patterned paper.

Your Turn!

Have fun creating a bunch of tags this year by up-cycling – new – or old cards! It only takes a few minutes, it’s neat to see them recreated again and you’ll add a special touch to all your gifts!

Whip up last minute tags for Christmas and save yourself that run to the store – you’ll be able to use those extra minutes for something much more fun!