Let’s compare the 2023-25 In Colors…you might be surprised how they stack up!

Every year I think I’ve nailed how similar one or more of the new In Colors are to previously retired Stampin’ Up! colours.

And every year, I’m pretty far off!

The colours this year are really different from those we’ve seen before.

  • More muted.
  • With lots of grey mixed in.
  • And not so much like colours we’ve seen before (at least for the majority of them).

Psssst… If you’d love to see my review of the other current In Colors see my post introducing the new 2022-24 In Colors.

Here are each of the fresh new colours in the same design. The only things different are the colours…and the embossing powder colour. (Don’t worry, I’ll show them all by themselves further down too.)

Compare the 2023-25 In Colors
A simple design to show off the new 2023-25 in Colors

I really wanted to showcase how great these colours look against a bright white background. So I embossed the white with the new Countryside Blossoms embossing folder (currently sold out). Then I cut out the flowers from the Wonderful Thoughts Dies and added some embossing powder to set off the die.

Then each card is mounted on its In Color.

Did you see what I did with the envelope? It’s also embossed with the Countryside Blossoms embossing folder, then coloured with Blending Brushes to create a bold flash of colour!

Let’s Compare the 2023-25 In Colors

You’ll find each of the new colours as the middle swatch of colour. The first dot is a current colour that is similar, and the last dot is one retired, sometimes for many years.

But I know you might still have these colours in your stash so it gives you an idea of whether you might want to get the new ones. Or not!

Boho Blue

First out of the gate is the one many of those in my Facebook group, the VIPeeps, chose as their fave. A soft, dusky blue with a fun name!

Boho Blue

You can see just how pretty it is in the card design.

Compare the 2023-25 In Colors
Wonderful Thoughts Bundle dressed up in Boho Blue

Wild Wheat

This is probably the colour I most have to warm up to (and I’m happy to say I’ve already started!)

But what’s also interesting? It’s the one colour I found really difficult to compare to any others in our current colour collections.

So it’s unique, and fills a hole we have!

Wild Wheat

I was amazed how wonderfully it matched our gold embossing powder!

Compare the 2023-25 In Colors
Wonderful Thoughts Bundle dressed up in Wild Wheat

Pebbled Path

I love this name! And love this colour. It’s an earthy mix of gray and brown.

And I found it’s a bit of a chameleon! It takes on more gray or more brown depending what it’s paired with!

Pebbled Path

It’s awesome with a silver embossing powder. Take off the flowers, add some leaves or a vintage car and it is the PERFECT colour for a masculine card!

Compare the 2023-25 In Colors
Wonderful Thoughts Bundle dressed up in Pebbled Path

Moody Mauve

A real dusty rose colour. Again, it was difficult to find another current colour that was a close match.

If you happen to have Rococo Rose, it’s close but I wanted to show you the difference between the colour that immediately jumped to mind when I first saw it.

Moody Mauve

It’s a bit challenging to see here, but the embossing powder I used is one I’ve mixed together myself. Gold and silver make a great champagne colour which is lovely here.

Compare the 2023-25 In Colors
Wonderful Thoughts Bundle dressed up in Moody Mauve

Copper Clay

I was really excited about this last colour since I loved our recently retired Cinnamon Cider. (Personally I was hoping it might come back in this colour refresh.)

But after I compared the two colours side by side like this, I was surprised it wasn’t an almost exact match! Copper Clay is far richer and has quite a bit more red.

I’m thinking it will be ideal for terracotta pots!

Copper Clay

I mixed embossing powders for this one too. Copper and silver together make a fabulous almost-rose gold kind of colour. It again almost matched the cardstock colour perfectly!

Compare the 2023-25 In Colors
Wonderful Thoughts Bundle dressed up in Copper Clay

And there you have them! Our newest lineup of In Colors

What’s Your Favourite?

I’m always curious to hear whether your favourite is the same or different from mine. Let me know which one stands out the most for you…and why?!

Click here to leave a comment.

And you might be surprised to see this one is my fave! Pebbled path!

Compare the 2023-25 In Colors
The Lots of Heart Bundle Makes Wonderful Valentines

You can really see here how it picks up more of the grey than the brown.

What do I think is one of the BEST things about these five colours?

In my opinion they “play together” much better than some of our other In Color collections. Yes, even Wild Wheat!

Compare the 2023-25 In Colors
I really love how all of these 5 colours work together!

Pull out some of your own cardstock and let’s compare the 2023-25 In Colors, and see if maybe you might be just a little surprised at what you find out!