Hi paper crafter, let’s see how to make versatile cards with Kindest Gnomes stamps.

My friend Doreen is showing us exactly that in this latest episode of Behind the Paper, An Interview with a Paper Crafter.

While we can find this set in the Holiday Catalogue, don’t think it needs to be filed along with all your Christmas stamp and dies. It’s just ideal for all occasions.

Look at this first fabulous card Doreen crafted up for us!

Make Versatile Cards with Kindest Gnomes Stamps
Pair the Kindest Gnomes stamps with the. Diorama dies for a Miner Gnome!

Isn’t he cute? Just like the seven dwarves, this gnome is coming out of the mines after a long day of work!

(Anyone else hear “Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, It’s home from work we go…”?)

Doreen loves to play with paper and lots of embellishments when she’s designing her cards. Let’s learn a bit more about her and her style!

An Interview with a Paper Crafter

How long have you been crafting?

If you don’t count school art classes and the times my friends and I would make paper dolls and design clothes for them LOL!, I’ve been paper crafting since 1990 ish.

What “hooked” you about making your own handcrafted cards and items?

What hooked me was the first time I saw embossing powder work.

Make Versatile Cards with Kindest Gnomes Stamps
Our miner gnome in the woods with a beautiful harvest moon (from the Watercolor Shapes stamps)

Give yourself a fun “Crafting Name!

Kinetic Crafter! (since I like intricate cuts and folds and I love origami!)

Do you like to craft alone or with others?

I do both. I love to learn new things. Other crafters are a great resource.

It’s so great how generous other crafters are with their time, knowledge and willingness to share.

Make Versatile Cards with Kindest Gnomes Stamps
Cut out your Watercolour Shapes stamps for balloons!

How many cards do you send out in a week/month/year?

This varies greatly. Sometimes I just don’t get any done and others …like Christmas I send out a hundred!

Where do you get inspiration for new ideas?

Just about anywhere! I’ll see a card/book in a store or a new stamp set, a new die, new embellishments or check out You Tube videos, meet and craft with friends or sometimes I wake up at night with an idea.

Other times it’s out of necessity….I thought I had a die or stamp, got the card mostly done and then I can’t find the item I thought I had. Then the brain has to kick in and think of something else to do or use!

Here’s a closer peek at Kindest Gnomes bundle that Doreen has been playing with!

Kindest Gnomes bundle

You can see exactly how much Doreen loves her embellishments. Look at all these bright rhinestones surrounding these two gnome lovebirds!

Make Versatile Cards with Kindest Gnomes Stamps
A perfect congrats or wedding card!

Do You Have a Fave?

Let me know which of these designs was your favourite!

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Oh and I couldn’t leave you with out showing this sweet and tiny card

Make Versatile Cards with Kindest Gnomes Stamps
Adorable Christmas greeting with a mini,card or tag

I always like to ask a final question so you can take a page out of my crafter’s book.

What advice would you give to someone just starting to paper craft?

I think I would advise them to get good basic tools, to find their “style”, have fun and be prepared to spend wisely.

There is so much out there to choose from…. some of it way more versatile than others. I have bought many an item in the heat of the moment and never used them again. On the flip side I have bought items not used them for years and then they become one of my go-to things.

Well said Doreen! The right tools really do make paper crafting hassle-free and fun!

If you’d like to see a few more paper crafters I’ve featured, make a quick click here for all kinds of different ideas.

I sure hope you enjoyed getting to know Doreen a bit more and have a few ideas on how to make versatile cards with Kindest Gnomes stamps.