Want a quick tip to label sponge daubers?

Do you throw your sponge daubers in a box, or a drawer? And then rifle through them to find the right colour? Pulling them out and peering at that sponge part trying and remember what colour it was?

This video shows you in minutes how to get those daubers colours organized! Save that searching time with an office item you probably have hanging around the house!

Quick Tip to Label Sponge Daubers

This is an excerpt from a recent Facebook Live video. And I had some folks asking me to post it separately so here it is!

Quick Tip to Label Sponge Daubers

Click the triangle to find out how to become an A-Plus bow maker in no time!

Now wasn’t that easy? I love that I’m not mixing up my colours anymore. Now I get the true colour I was going for when I want to add some accents or colouring!

Now if you’re a dauber fan already, you know what a fabulous tool they are to have in your paper crafting tool kit!

I showed you how to use them for some vibrant spring colour in this free live video class about how to use diecute and dsp to make a handmade card.

What Tip Can I Video for You?

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Hope to See You Soon!

Did you get a chance to take a peek at the video? Thanks for watching!

I hope you found this JO-Tip useful. Rather than digging through a box or drawer looking for that colour you KNOW you had, this will make it so much easier to put your fingers on it right away!

And if you ever need a refresher on this quick tip to label sponge daubers, pop on over to my JO-Tips YouTube playlist with a quick click here.