I thought you might like to see how I went about renovating for a new craft room in my new home. And some of the things I considered as I was doing it!

We recently moved homes. Which was great, except there wasn’t a room that was a natural choice for me to have my studio (aka craft room).


Since paper crafting is my full time business, the studio needed to also operate as my office so my desk and computer and filing cabinets need to fit in as well.

Plus all my hobbies like calligraphy, jewelry making and general crafting needed a home as well.

And while in the past I’ve had a room without natural light, it was really important for me to have windows if possible. See some pics of my prior work space (which developed over 15 years or so!)

So what we decided on?

There were two bedrooms back to back in the basement. Neither room in and of itself was quite large enough, but together they were a little larger than I needed. But it made the most sense to go about tearing down the wall that separated them and creating one extra large studio!

Here’s what they looked like before we started. (and yes the pretty chandeliers also didn’t make the cut!)

Demolition Time!

Look what a sledge hammer and some good old fashioned brute strength will do!

The wall came out as well as the corner closet in the one room to allow more space.

Renovating for a New Craft Room

Good thing it was still summer/fall since all the insulation and drywall went out the windows!

Renovating for a New Craft Room

Let’s Rebuild!

The next step after the majority of the demolition was to get the drywall repaired. In conjunction with that, we installed pot lights throughout the room.

It was amazing how much bigger the room(s) started looking almost immediately!

Renovating for a New Craft Room

Did you notice something is missing that was there before?

Renovating for a New Craft Room

Now there’s only one door into the room!

Amazing What a Paint Job and Flooring Will Do!

I chose to go with the exact same paint colour we had done throughout the entire house. It’s one that looks different at different times throughout the day. Clean looking, a little bit warm, and just a little unexpected with the hint of lavender.

It did take a couple months start to finish to get to this stage.

The whole time with me chomping at the bit!

But I’m really happy with the bones of my new studio!

Renovating for a New Craft Room

Here are a few things to consider if you’re thinking about renovating for a new craft space:

  1. Size: Not all of you will have the same luxury of having 2 back to back rooms to play with in your home. So think about what the MINIMUM size is you can work with and go from there. I have a friend who for years worked out a small hall closet and was perfectly happy with that. Others have even larger garages they’ve renovated for their craft spaces. Whatever you have will work if you’re “crafty”!
  2. Cost: We were lucky enough to have the funds to be able to complete this work. While we did do some ourselves, we hired contractors we’ve worked with before who we knew were trustworthy and economical. If you have a wish for a bigger or renovated space, start a little fund now you can set aside to use for it! Instead of purchasing that new DSP or tool, put the money you save into the fund. It will grow in no time.
  3. Efficiency: My room needed to serve a bunch of purposes: office, creative space, recording area, small in-person class space, storage, multi-hobby area, dog sleeping area (LOL!). Consider what YOUR needs are before you start to design the perfect space. And get other people involved in the planning. There are so many wonderful ways to develop a space into something that works for YOU!

Oh and by the way, while my room took some time to develop, I worked out of a storage room – with absolutely no windows! (I’ll share that with you tomorrow)!

Plus tomorrow I’ll share the building and placement of the furniture and storage decisions as well as a little video of what the room looked like before I started to unpack my supplies!!

For now I hope you enjoyed this little journey about renovating for a new craft room!