Save time, copy a layout and use layers for a WOW greeting card!

Layers are your building blocks in handmade card making!

They add depth, dimension, and character to your designs, turning a simple piece of ho-hum cardstock into your own delightful works of art!

Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just starting out in this fun hobby, once you understand the key elements of layering, your card making will soar!

Today we’ll explore five essential elements to consider when using layers for card making.

How Many Layers Do You See?

Tell me how many layers can you count on this fun latte card?

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Use Layers for a WOW Greeting Card
A fun layered card made with a sketch and A Little Latte bundle

Counting the card base, there are actually seven different layers! Wow, that’s a lot!

But it doesn’t really look like a cluttered mess does it?

Before we talk about how these elements work together so well, here’s what each layer is. From the bottom up, they are:

  • Very Vanilla card base
  • Early Espresso overlay
  • Natural polka dot ribbon
  • 2023-25 In Color dots
  • coloured coffee cup and bodum
  • Boho Blue Circle
  • Very Vanilla circle

Using a layout (also called a sketch or a template) provides you a ton of versatility – with speed!

Let’s investigate what you want to think about as you’re working from a sketch.

Use Layers for a WOW Greeting Card

With all the flexibility you’ll get from taking a layout and making it yours, it might be a bit daunting where to start.

But if you keep a few key concepts in mind as you’re playing, you’ll be rewarded with amazing card designs!

1. Texture & Dimension

Texture is what brings your cards to life! The splotch of “coffee” and the splatter embossed onto the Early Espresso immediately give this card some pizzazz. And adding these fun elements will make whoever you give it to what to reach out and touch it!

Experiment with creating a background with your stamps. And using embossing folders or different types of paper – from smooth to textured, glossy to matte – to add depth and interest. Fabric and embellishments area also great was to create some texture and dimension.

2. Colour Coordination

This is sometimes the most difficult part of card making isn’t it?

While we all love our 50 Stampin’ Up! colours, sometimes throwing a whole garden of brights onto one card isn’t always the best choice!

Feel free to dive into a palette of hues but choose your colours and the NUMBER of colours with care.

Coordinate bold and vibrant, neutral and muted or soft and subtle, the choice is yours!

In today’s card, you’ll want to stay within the brown tones and place a complementary colour (Boho Blue) to give it some oomph!

Use the blue in 3 different spots (the cup, the circle matting and the embellishments) to pull the entire design together.

Use Layers for a WOW Greeting Card
A simple linen bow is the final embellishment to add some softness

3. Composition & Placement

The arrangement of your layers can make or break your design.

As you’re thinking about your card, experiment with different compositions, such as symmetrical or grid style layouts, to find what YOU LIKE best. Consider where you want your focal point and build your layers around it to create that WOW greeting card!

Play with varying sizes and shapes of layers to add dynamism and balance to your design.

In our card today, we’ve got a mostly symmetrical card with that large centred circle bordered on each side by about the same amount of cardstock.

Then the circles are repeated multiple times, both as that large focal point and then to add interest to the greeting. And when you look closer, you’ll see the splats are circular and the polka dots on the ribbon and embellishments are circles too!

Plus, rather than introducing hard edges with squares or rectangles, the bodum and cup are softer ovals which marry wonderfully with the circles.

While it’s obvious when you take that closer look, whoever you send this to will only note that it’s so very pleasing to display on their mantle!

4. Layering Techniques

There are countless techniques for layering in card making, each offering its own unique effect.

Some popular techniques include matting and layering, where you mount smaller pieces of paper onto larger ones to create borders and frames just like on our greeting.

You can also try stacking layers using Stampin’ Dimensionals to add dimension. Both the greeting and the bodum are popped up in this way.

Other ways you can play? Experiment with cut out shapes (like our large circle), nested dies, torn edges, or even tearing and crumpling paper for a distressed look. The possibilities really are endless!

5. Finishes Touches

It’s time to add the finishing touches and sprinkle some magic dust on your masterpiece!

Let them reflect your own personality! Embellishments like ribbon, dots, sequins or pearls are ideal! We used a ribbon and shiny dots to add the finishing touches to take your card from pretty…to pretty awesome!

Enjoy Creating with This Layout Over and Over Again

Now you have some of the key concepts to make your cards outstanding, I hope you’ll consider giving a sketch or layout a try. They offer so many creative possibilities.

Like the ones in this card layout you’ll love which shows you a totally different sketch idea from today’s!

I hope you find all kinds of occasions, colours, themes and stamps to play with to make this card layout.

I bet you’ll find once you make your first one, they become even faster and MORE fun, once you’re not thinking so much about “where exactly does that piece go?”!

So the next time you’re designing, come back and pop onto this blog post for how to use layers for a WOW greeting card and be sure to share it with other folks in your crafting circle!