Today’s quick video tip to make your paper crafting more hassle-free is why you want to clean NEW paper punches!

If you love the ease of paper punches, I’ll bet you’ve come up against this problem before.

In fact, I did a couple years ago. And I actually returned a paper punch because of it!

I thought it was ruined!

And wouldn’t work properly!

Good thing I figured out it was just part of the normal manufacturing process and it was super EASY to fix!

Do you know what I’m talking about?

Why You Want to Clean NEW Paper Punches!

That oil you sometimes get on a new punch that seeps onto your beautifully stamped card!

I’ll show you how you can fix them in less than TWO minutes!

Why Use Paper Punches?

These small, versatile tools pack a punch (pun intended!) and offer a ton of benefits for card makers! Yes! No matter your skill levels., these tools are some of the quickest, and IMO, best tools out there!

Let’s explore why incorporating paper punches into your card making stash is a game-changer.

  1. Say goodbye to uneven edges and awkward shapes! Paper punches provide a level of precision that’s hard to achieve with hand-cut designs.
  2. Speed up your crafting process without compromising quality. Paper punches are a time-saving blessing for card makers with tight schedules. With just a few squeezes, you’ll have perfectly shaped elements ready to adorn your cards.
  3. From labels to flowers to bumblebees, the design options are limitless. Paper punches come in a dazzling array of shapes and sizes, allowing you to experiment with various designs and themes.
  4. Crafting is for everyone, and paper punches make it accessible. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or introducing someone to the joy of card making, paper punches are friendly for everyone!
  5. Punch intricate details effortlessly. What a fantastic way to add intricate details to your cards without the hassle of hand-cutting or intricate die-cutting machines!!
  6. Maximize your crafting budget without sacrificing creativity. Investing in a few quality paper punches is a cost-effective way to enhance your card-making toolkit. Unlike some crafting tools, paper punches don’t require additional accessories or expensive materials.

Ideas for Paper Punches

So give one – or several – a try and you can make fun designs like this one with the Heartfelt Hexagon punch!!

Welcome back, paper craft enthusiasts! In today's video, we're diving into a topic that's often overlooked but can make a world of difference in your crafting experience – cleaning new paper punches. Whether you're a seasoned crafter or just starting out, maintaining your tools is essential for achieving crisp, flawless designs every time.

If you love the ease of using punches on your handcrafted items, here are a couple recent ideas for you!

Why You Want to Clean NEW Paper Punches

A simple click on the triangle will show you how and WHY you want to clean your new punches.

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