If you’re looking for an easy card layout to WOW your friends, this one’s got it! And a side note? I bet if you make one or two cards with this layout, you’ll impress your family too. 🤗

What’s a card layout? 

Sometimes you might hear them referred to as a “sketch’ or even “design”. A layout is really just the way the different elements of a card are placed on it.

What you’ll often discover?  Shapes figure pretty much at the top of the list of elements!

Squares, rectangles, triangles…and of course, circles!

Easy Card Layout to WOW Your Friends
Create a cool card based on a sketch layout

This delightful Christmas card features the Cottage Wreath Dies along with the Layering Circles and Seasonal Labels.

But let me tell ya, if you’ve got the Layering Circles Dies, you’ve got it made for this sketch. Let’s take a closer peek.

Easy Card Layout to WOW Your Friends

Here’s a generic view of this layout.

What’s not to love about…

  • two solid circles, different sized and different coloured (one even patterned paper if you like)
  • one circular ring (see my tip below for making it)
  • a fun round wreath
  • a long rectangle (here in the ribbon), and
  • one shorter rectangle-ish label.

So lots of shapes, but they’re all nestled together, leaving lots of space at the top of the card.

What’s the Trick to Making a Sketch Work?


Carefully look at the sketch layout and then try to mimic where each element is on your own card. Some questions you want to ask and answer…

  1. What shapes are included?
  2. Do the shapes touch each other or stand alone?
  3. If they touch each other, do they nest completely inside the other or just partially?
  4. Can the shapes be made with something other than paper? (like die cuts or ribbon or other embellishments)?

What do you notice about today’s sketch?

Each of the circles overlap so there isn’t one that sits off all lonely on its own. Its cohesiveness is part of what holds this card together so well! In fact, did you notice ALL the shapes touch each other? This creates a great focal point.

Easy Card Layout to WOW Your Friends
Use die cuts and ribbon for elements on a card!

You know what I love so much about using a layout?

It’s easy to change up the sizes of the shapes and the textures and get totally unique looks! You can use them as a springboard for even more creativity!

I bet once you start playing with sketches, you won’t be able to stop!

Time to Make Your Own Cards With This Layout!

If you’d like another layout ideas, take a peek at this quick and simple sketch for handmade cards.

Here are all the supplies I used – click on this list that you can print, pin or order from. I really appreciate you ordering with me and supporting my Design with Jo business.

Easy Card Layout to WOW Your Friends
A great way to combine shapes and texture !

If you have never tried to build a card using a layout – or sketch – now’s a great time to try. Want a tip for cutting the ring? Nest one circle die right inside the next size up die and cut it out at the same time.

And if you really love playing with sketches, take a peek at my monthly subscription where you’ll get a new layout every month and a new card showing you how to change up the layout every week! Click here for more info.

Give my easy card layout to WOW your friends a try and see how many different ways you can play with the design for totally new looks!