If you’ve never tried it, I want to show you how to 2 step stamp! I’ve filmed a super short video to show you exactly how this simple rubber stamping technique can bring your cards to life!

I stamped this card in less than 2 minutes – not a word of a lie!!

Video! Learn How to 2 Step Stamp
How to 2 Step Stamp

You might think there’s no way you could stamp a design like that as quickly, right?

Wrong! Let me show you how in today’s JO-Tips video.

How to 2 Step Stamp

Click the triangle to find out how this simple stamping technique is going to become your next best crafting friend!

Now, yes, you can certainly get more complicated two step stamping…if you want.

But if you’re just starting out on your rubber stamping journey – which I promise will be full of fun! – give this simple technique a try!

Do you want another idea for a cute 2 step birthday card – with a tutorial to make it at home? Click here.

Want More Beginner Stamping Ideas?

Paper crafting and rubber stamping are not difficult. But there are a few things to know at the beginning so you’re guaranteed super results.

Check out this blog post and video playlist to help you get started.

And if you have any questions, I’d love to try and give you a hand.

Click here to leave a comment.

If you’d like to make this card exactly like I have, give a little click here to pin, print or order the supplies.

See You Next Time

I’m going to leave you with another peek at this cute card.

Video! Learn How to 2 Step Stamp
A card ideal for just about anyone on your card making list

I hope you grabbed a tip or two to start making fab cards with some two step rubber stamps, cardstock and ink. I absolutely know you’ll enjoy this amazing hobby!

And now you know how to 2 step stamp be sure to keep checking my blog for lots more techniques to make your paper crafting fun!

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