Isn’t it annoying when you’re not sure how to de-gunk your adhesive holder? I guess the real verb is “clean”, right?

Yeah, probably.

But gunk is the perfect word when you have that sticky gob (another technical term!) of adhesive buildup on your roller tip!

Not only is it frustrating. It’s wasteful. And can be expensive! Once you have that bit of gunk there, it’s just like a magnet for more! It just keeps getting bigger and bigger…and your cards never get adhered together!

I show you how to remove it in my latest JO-Tips video.

How to De-Gunk Your Adhesive Holder

It seems no matter what kind of double sided adhesive roller you have, this is an issue!

For example, our old SNAIL which was made by Tombow has much the same kind of problem. So if you still have one of those and get your replacement cartridges somewhere else, know you can use today’s tip to solve it too!

Really this will work for any plastic holder for a double sided adhesive!

How to De-Gunk Your Adhesive Holder

Click the triangle to find out how easy it is to get rid of that adhesive buildup.

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Can I Answer Your Paper Crafting Tool Questions?

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See You Next Time!

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I hope you found this JO-Tip useful. There’s not much more frustrating than having gobs of stickiness build up and prevent you from getting your cards put together quickly!

And if you ever forget how to de-gunk your adhesive holder, you can find this video as party of my growing list of JO-Tips videos on YouTube with a quick click here.