If you sometimes get a little confused with how to replace your Stampin’ SEAL cartridges, get a quick refresher in my latest JO-Tips video.

It always happens doesn’t it?

You’re in the middle of making a card…one that needs to go out in the mail TOday!

And you’re almost done.

But then you run out of double sided adhesive in your Stampin’ SEAL cartridge!!

You’d think it would be really straight forward to pop in the new one, but it can be a little frustrating especially if it’s the first time you’ve ever replaced it.

Or even if it’s the 5th or 6th time! 🤣

This video shows you in less than 2 minutes how to get the glue back in so you can get your card finished and in the envelope!

How to Replace Your Stampin' SEAL Cartridges
Something that should be so simple…sometimes isn’t!

How to Replace Your Stampin’ SEAL Cartridges

Click the triangle to find out how to put that pesky adhesive refill back where it belongs!

There. Wasn’t that easier than you thought?

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Nifty note: If you happen to have a SNAIL or Tombow adhesive cartridge, I’ve got a video for that too. Click here now! How to replace your double sided adhesive.

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There’s Loads More JO-Tips!

I hope you found this JO-Tip useful and it saves you time in your craft area so you can get down to the really fun stuff, the card making!

And if you forget how to replace your Stampin’ SEAL cartridges, you can find the answer anytime by heading over to my JO-Tips YouTube playlist with a quick click here.