Think you can’t make scenery cards with Hills of Tuscany stamp set from Stampin’ Up!?

It’s time to change that thinking!

I’s easier than you think, once you let your imagination run wild…and tune out that inner art critic!

In the world of paper crafting, two-step stamping is a technique that allows you to become an artist!

To create intricate, multilayered images with depth and dimension becomes second nature.

And no matter whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a beginner, mastering this technique can open up a world of creative possibilities.

In this guide, let’s delve into the art of two-step stamping and explore how you can use it to craft captivating scenes that will leave a lasting impression.

Get the 5 steps you need to LOVE your design!

But first take a peek at these two beautiful – and different – designs crafted by my friend Mary.

Make Scenery Cards with Hills of Tuscany
Add a texture to your scenic card for even more oomph!

Doesn’t that feel like you’re across the ocean, sipping on a glass of chilled white wine and enjoying the Italian view?

We were lucky enough to spend three weeks in Tuscany several years ago. It’s a magical place and one I hope to visit again.

So when this stamp set came out, I knew it deserved a spot in my craft studio.

The Thrill of Two Step Stamping

Two-step stamping involves using two or more stamps to build a single image, layering colours to create depth and dimension. Typically, one stamp serves as the base layer, providing the foundation of the image, while additional stamps add details and accents.

But one of the reasons you might not have “loved” everything about it before is you didn’t just let yourself just play!

Playing is the key to learning how to place your stamps how you like them.

See how they fit together to create a gorgeous scene like this.

Make Scenery Cards with Hills of Tuscany

When you let go of those “it’s got to be perfect” thoughts is when you’ll have the most success!

Make Scenery Cards with Hills of Tuscany

If you’re just starting out with this fun stamping technique, check out this post to show you how to two step stamp. You’ll be hooked!

1. Choose Your Stamps

Start by selecting which stamps you’ll use to build your scene. Each of the stamps in the Hills of Tuscany set coordinate and are designed to be layered together. While the stamps themselves may not look like “much”, the magic happens when you stamp them next to or on top of one another!

2. Plan Your Landscape

Before you begin stamping, take just a couple minutes to think about your scene. Do you want to have hills and trees? Do you want to show off a traditional Italian home in your landscape? Will it be day or night time in your piece?

Consider the placement of each stamp and how they will interact with one another.

But a word of caution.

Don’t spend a lot of time here. The fun is in the playing with the different shapes and colours.

3. Start Stamping

Begin by stamping the base layer of your scene. This is typically the largest and most prominent element, such as the background hills or mountains. Choose an ink colour to be the foundation for the rest of your image like navy or forest green or rich brown.

Also think about inking up your image, then stamping it off onto a piece of scrap paper to get different levels of colour. This will allow some parts to look like they’re more in the distance too.

4. Add Detail and Dimension

Now it’s time to add detail and dimension to your scene. Carefully place additional layers using darker or contrasting colours to add to the scene you started. Pay attention to alignment and overlap, ensuring that each layer lines up to create a cohesive landscape.

The little dots here and the clouds really add to the overall scene. Don’t leave them out! And don’t try to make them perfect!

Make Scenery Cards with Hills of Tuscany
Build your scene with the different stamps in the Hills of Tuscany stamp set

To elevate your design even more, think about dressing up the greeting just a bit.

Choose a fun label with dots to highlight the sentiment. Or add some ribbon in behind the label for a glimmer of gold.

Make Scenery Cards with Hills of Tuscany

Thanks for Popping In

I hope you enjoyed seeing Mary’s beautiful scenery cards using the versatile two step stamping technique.!

By mastering the art of layering stamps, you’ll immediately elevate your own paper crafting projects to new heights, unlocking endless possibilities for creativity and expression.

And who knows? While you’re stamping with this earthy stamp set, perhaps a glass of vino by your side might inspire even more creativity! LOL!

So tune out that inner art critic, gather your supplies, and start crafting scenes to bring you around the world in a moment! You’ll be surprised how easy it is to make scenery cards with Hills of Tuscany set of stamps from Stampin’ Up! once you start to play!