It was lots of fun deciding on outfitting my new craft room! So many possibilities for storage, drawers and shelving, it was hard to know where to start.

If you’d like to see the transition from two bedrooms to my new studio space, simply click to see the demolition and things to consider if you’re looking to have a new craft space.

Plus be sure to keep reading and scrolling to see the video of the sneak peek I gave as things were coming together. Not only does it show you the new, it also shows you where I was working while all this commotion was going on!

How to Decide?!

As mentioned in my previous post, I had lots of things to accomplish in my new studio.

  • paper crafting with my Stampin’ Up! items
  • videoing and live streaming capability
  • office and desk space
  • small size in-person classes
  • room for calligraphy, Zentangle and other types of paper crafting
  • jewelry making supplies
  • and things I may not even know about yet LOL!

So when it came time to think about storage, I had to try and plan for now…and the future…and the unknown!

As a reminder, here’s my completed and empty space I was planning around.

Paper Storage at the Top of the List

I had used a fairly large unit for years where I stored all my 8 1/2″ x 11 sheets of cardstock, but it was getting just a little worn from moving a couple times. And the paper was stored closer to the floor which I was hoping to avoid.

So the first item I knew I had to have were some paper storage units. I looked at several and settled on ones from Stamp’n Storage.

This is a US based company that manufactures lots of storage options for paper crafters and gear many of their items specifically to Stampin’ Up! products.

Since I already had some storage items I was using from previous craft rooms, I didn’t need many of their units (and could save some moola🤗).

But I did purchase four of their 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper holders that would hold 15 different colours each.

Outfitting My New Craft Room

Note if you do live in Canada, there is additional shipping to get these to you. I was lucky to have my brother who lives close to the US border, pick up my order and deliver them here as he was coming for a visit. Great way to get a visit in and save some bucks at the same time LOL!

Ikea Components – Yes or No?

When I started to think about outfitting my new craft room, I did do research of other crafter’s storage options. Many have different components from Ikea. Things like, book cases, tables, wall units, drawer units, as well as cupboards.

And while I spent a fair bit of time designing my cupboards using Ikea’s handy application, when it came time to purchase, I just couldn’t get all the components to start the install! And I didn’t want a half finished room.

So I decided on a few key items from Ikea. Like this GALANT double lateral file drawer…that yes, my hubby and I put together. Without too many disagreements! (I’ll show it to you all put together in a mo!)

Outfitting My New Craft Room

I had already had this Ikea MALM desk (and a couple file drawers you can’t quite see behind the desk that I can no longer find on Ikea’s site but similar to GALANT).

Of course I had to have room for a dog bed. This is Macy who is my little shadow and stamping companion!

Outfitting My New Craft Room

I made a couple other purchases at Ikea. A BILLY bookcase and KALLAX unit. The BILLY since it wasn’t too deep and I thought would hold stamp sets well.

And the Kallax to house my paper holders from Stamp’n Storage.

Things are starting to shape up!

Outfitting My New Craft Room

Built Ins!

The next step after our Ikea purchases?

Built in cupboards!

When the Ikea cupboard idea fell through, I was given a recommendation for a smaller company here in Red Deer who came and helped me design the cabinets.

This was the exciting part!

Although I did have to wait about a month for them to build the cabinets, they moved right in and in two days, managed to create a pretty awesome work space!

Things Are Really Coming Together Now!

And maybe the best part? My island (which I know isn’t really an island because it’s attached to the wall, but it’s just easier to say than isthmus!)!

Outfitting My New Craft Room

Lots of storage for the things I reach for every time I’m stamping. And when I’m live streaming.

I love how clean everything looks. They matched the white to the base boards so everything flows really well. And I picked a pretty neutral laminate for the countertops.

Now that most of the outfitting my new craft room is complete, the total studio space is getting closer to being done now!

I also have another few units from my old room. Some pantry units I’ve had for years, a book case and some re-worked 4 square KALLAX units that used to be my work island.

I’ll show you in my next post how they’re being used now!

You might like to take a peek at where I WAS working while all this construction was taking place! Click the triangle to see!

Things I Was Glad I Did in Outfitting My New Craft Room

If you’re trying to build a space for yourself, here are the three things I felt were the most important for our rebuild.

  1. Measure – LOTS: I can’t stress this enough. I felt like the tape measure was attached to my hand, I had it out so many times. But I was happy I did measure often. For example the GALANT unit fits PERFECTLY under my window with only about 1/4″ to spare. I didn’t have any other spot to put it so if I hadn’t measured properly it would have been an expense and effort with disappointing results.
  2. Be Patient: This is a hard one for me. I can be so patient with others but when it comes to building my own space, I wanted it done not just yesterday, but last month! I learned
  3. Pick Contractors You Trust: While we could have done all the work ourselves, we were lucky to have excellent recommendations for tradespeople. Not only were they “johnny on the spot”, their prices were reasonable and their workmanship excellent. Don’t settle for cheap since I predict you’ll regret it.

In my next post I’ll share some of the moving in and unpacking…and a few of my organizing tips for my studio! Be sure to check back to see how this outfitting my new craft room turns into what I LOVE about my craft studio!!