Have you recently experienced the joy of receiving a card?  Today I want to share with you one I received for my birthday from my friend Pat which made my day.

it's fun to share the joy of receiving a card

While I’m sure you’ll agree Pat’s card is beautiful, I’m not exactly sure what it was about that particular day I received it in the mail that made it extra special. 

I remember picking up the mail and ripping the envelope open before I even made it home!  (Do you do that too?)

It arrived a couple days after my birthday celebrations so it was a little unexpected maybe.  But I don’t remember feeling unwell or down in the dumps.  My hubby and I weren’t on the outs (which hardly ever happens anyway 😚),  I hadn’t just received any bad news.   My computer was working without any techy glitches 😋.

I think it’s just the fact she had taken the time to craft me a handmade card which made me feel special.  And I know she had also considered how I would really appreciate receiving one with this lovely Springtime Impressions die, a new item in the catalogue.

why not share the joy of receiving a card

And that made me think about how we say we’re too busy to get into our craft rooms.  And just why it’s important for us to carve out some time to do just that.  Not just for ourselves, but for others.

The Joy of Receiving a Card

You know, I’m very lucky.  I have lots of family and friends who take the time to send me cards. Many of them are handmade and all of them are beautiful.  Some come on special occasions like Pat’s did, and some come just from out of the blue.  

No matter when, how or why, every single time I receive a card, I get a little lift.  And I’ll bet the same thing happens when your friends and family get one from you.  After all, in our digital world, isn’t it great to receive a piece of mail that isn’t a bill?

share the joy of receiving a card


What do you think some of the joy of receiving a card is?


  • I’ll bet they smile as soon as they see your writing (and stamping) on the envelope.
  • Maybe they take extra care to open the flap so they can display the undamaged envelope on the mantle too.
  • They might laugh or gasp or ooooh or aaaah when they see your carefully chosen design.
  • Depending on the reason you sent the card, perhaps they wipe away a tear or two.
  • And they might immediately phone or text you to thank you for taking the time to think of them.

But the joy isn’t just for your card recipient.  Think of all the benefits you receive when you design and send a handmade card to someone special.

  • The fun you have picking out stamp sets, colours and papers with them in mind.
  • How you lose yourself in the creative design process and time just flies.
  • Your anticipation of their reaction when they see a pretty envelope in the mail and open the flap.
  • The warm-your-heart feeling you experience when they share your card with others.
  • The little glow you feel when they connect with you and share a quick – or long – thank you or catch-up conversation.

In the words of the Mastercard commercial, that’s priceless.

Time to get creative

Even if your stamps and paper are buried under mounds of other “stuff”, run to your nearest card store and find a greeting perfect for someone who might need a little lift.

And if your supplies aren’t buried, check out this other Springtime Impressions butterfly card or this make-it-in 5 patterned paper design for some fast and fun inspiration.

give someone the joy of receiving a card

In our busy lives, we often are too focused on the next thing we HAVE TO DO.  Sadly, our HAVE TO DO’s usually don’t include making  (or buying) and sending a card to a loved one. 

Why not take a few minutes today to get out your stamps and paper, craft some simple cards and get them into the mail?  (Re) connect with your buddies.  Let your friends and family experience the joy of receiving a card – at the same time you get the awesome benefits of sending a card.



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