Today’s JO-Tips video is how to cut a flagged banner! It’s rally easy and you won’t need to rely on a special punch of die anymore!

Have yo noticed the trend?

Flagged banners on handmade cards are everywhere!

These delightful embellishments not only add a touch of whimsy but also serve as versatile elements to enhance the overall look and message of your cards.

Why Use Flagged Banners?

Now let’s explore a few of the the reasons why you want to add these trendy card embellishments!


Banners can be adapted to suit any occasion. Customize the size, colour, and style of your banners to perfectly align with the mood and theme of your card, allowing for a more meaningful and tailored message.

Plus they complement various styles of card making, from clean and simple to shabby chic or vintage-inspired designs.

Dynamic Design

Banners add a playful and lively quality. Experiment with different shapes and arrangements to create eye-catching focal points that draw the recipient’s attention and make your design stand out from the rest.

I always think it’s amazing how just one tiny little dot added in the perfect spot is all you need to make your project exquisite!

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By placing important sentiments or key messages on the banners, you guide your viewer’s eye and emphasize the significance of specific words or phrases.

What a delightful and purposeful trend flagged banners are!

Their versatility, dynamic design potential, and adaptability in style make them an invaluable asset for you as a trendy card maker to infuse your creations with creativity and individuality.

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How to Cut a Flagged Banner

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